Friday, November 22, 2013

Where would Congressmen get Monies to Buy Votes?


With the priority development assistant fund (PDAF) infamously known as pork barrel now rendered unanimously by the Supreme Court as illegally detested as possessing an illegal drugs, how could the president dangle some portion of his pork to the vulnerable members of congress without the beneficiaries sued with Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act?
I could not imagine how members of congress particularly those in the House of Representatives seek reelection in the 2016 poll after their PDAF has been abolished.
Each of the most of the congressmen maintain their popularity among their constituents because of the monies cum patronage they get as kickbacks in projects from their P70 million a year pork (The senator has P200 million each a year) and the millions of congressional insertion they chalk up from the president’s P932 billion pork to fund their pet projects with the solon not only pocketing 20% of a P3 million worth of a concrete bridge but up to 60%  cut from the P6 million  dredge operation of  a silted river in his district.
Where would the congressman or senator gets his dole-outs to would be voters and their love ones (i.e college scholarship, medicines) not only in the entirety of his three years term but in the expensive electoral campaign after the Supreme Court gave the Coup de Grace (deadly blow, idiot!) in a 14-0 votes last November 19?
Would many of these representa-thives and Sena-Tong in congress throw the towel and allow those moneyed businessmen and those non-moneyed but principled and intelligent individuals seek the no longer palatable position?
Would President Aquino really allow members of congress to exist till 2016 election lard’s free?
What will happen to the pet bills Malacanang wants congress to approve? 
Solons, who can be marshaled to pass a bill because of the pork and the carrots from the P932 presidential pork we call congressional insertion, could no longer be swayed by the House Speaker and Senate President because they cannot financially gain from passing the bill.
"Wala kaming kita diyan. Ano si Presidente masuerti?" some of them would posed.
Transaction like passing of bill in congress is in a quid  pro quo ( for this you get that) basis since time immemorial.
We know that most of our lawmakers would rather fill up their pocket than make a name as statesman and leave a legacy for their countrymen and love ones.
Now my poser: What will happen to our country if personalities with vested interest like Vice Presidential bet Jojo Binay, former Senate President Johnny Enrile, and senate bench warmer and clown Senators Bong Revilla and Greg Honasan and corporate giants like those cigarette and alcoholic beverage sellers who want the sin taxes reduced significantly agitate members of congress not to vote for Malacanang  pet bills like Freedom of Information, Anti-Dynasty Bill, bills against certain corporations and individuals, to name a few and instead vote for an impeachment bill in exchange of the return of a pork with a different name and those old corrupt practices?

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