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How SWAT-Team Dagupan Nabbed Fil-Am Assassin


One of the members of the Special Weapons and Tactics team who apprehended in a gun chase Calasiao hit man Arnulfo Calaunan lauded me for posting their pictures in my article “Fil-Am Assassin Nabs after Shooting 3 Persons that can be accessed at
ASSASSIN: American Citizen Arnulfo
I reciprocated his appreciation with the following:
“I doff my hat with you guys. I was impressed not only by your operation but your contraptions of Kevlar helmet and bullet proof vest. Just like your Malaysian and Singaporean counterparts you bested the Special Forces and the Marines who contented themselves with their Kevlar Helmet sans the flack jacket in the Zamboanga siege recently,” I told him in the vernacular.
He confided to me they bought personally these gears.
“Iyong Kevlar binili ko iyon sa taga- abroad ng P15 thousand, iyong flack jacket P5 thousand”,
I posed to him why one of their companions wore a child’s bicycle helmet probably borrowed from his elementary grade son.
“Kayang butasin ng Indian Pana ni Boy Pana iyong helmet niya?”
“Baka wala pa siyang budget pambili ng Kevlar or sadyang komedyante lang iyong kasama namin,” the SWAT guy retorted to my humor.

Searching for the Culprit
He said when they were frantically searching Calaunan in the grassy and wet area at the back of the palatial house of Sta. Barbara Mayor Lito Zaplan at Gabon in Calasiao, Pangasinan their joker colleague (just like Joker of the flick “Full Metal Jacket”) humored them by standing nonchalantly at the sideline popping his cigarette while his companions were extra cautious that Calaunan, who just shot three persons, was just lurking somewhere to pounce on them.

How the SWAT Discovered Calaunan
“How did you find the killer?. “ I asked the SWAT guy.
He told me one of their companions (in my earlier article, the Joker told me it was their team leader who found the suspect) had a hint already where was Calaunan, a U.S resident, when they were combing the wild grasses as tall as four feet.
“He saw paved grasses that betrayed someone had stepped on them”
He added that their team leader used psychological warfare to prevent Calaunan to fire at them.
“Habang sinusundan iyong dina-anan niya na damuhan, sumisigaw ang kasama namin na alam na ng SWAT kong nasaan siya. Sinasabihan na siyang sumuko na siya”
He said his companion found Calaunan lying on the watery ground aiming his 45 caliber hand gun.
Between these seconds of dangerous stand-off between the full battle geared menacing SWAT team leader and the suspect the latter blinked and surrender his handgun to the former as other SWAT members rushed  up to the scene.
“Magaling din (Calaunan) alam niya ang sitwasyon niya. May 45 (caliber hand gun) nga siya naka (Baby) Armalite naman kami. Pumutok siya hindi tatagos ang bala niya sa helmet o vest namin pero alam niya na kayang butasin ng Armalite ang vest niya”.
He said that if Calaunan was an ordinary criminal he already shot the SWAT guy because of nervousness.
“After we handcuffed him he begged us that we just kill him”.

But High Ranking Policeman wants him Alive.
I told the SWAT friend that as they were searching Calaunan I overheard a high ranking police official  talking on his phone at the scene of the crime (yes Virginia, I was 30 minutes late after Calaunan fatally shot in the head and shot in the foot two of the body guards of Longos Barangay Chairman Muja Dave Mesina whom he shot too at the right side of the body at the "putohan (white cake) stalls of Calasiao, Pangasinan) ordered the SWAT not to kill the suspect.
“Make him lived. We need him to squeal who were his companions  and master mind,” the official said in Pilipino.
During the interrogation of Calaunan he said he was monitoring the movements of Mesina since August after he arrived from the United States. He was remorseless of what he has done to the barangay chairman and his companions,” the source said.
"They killed my brother and nephew"
 Earlier on that fateful day, Mesina and candidates of the town’s 24-strong villages for the October 28 barangay polls attended a peace covenant in the nearby Catholic Church before Calaunan shot them at the fruit stalls near the town plaza.
The incident, where the police were seen frantically searching for gunmen at each stalls, was seen on television as media men have just emerged from the church where the peace covenant was held.
But the suspect insisted he carried the dastardly act alone against the trio when he coincidentally saw them buy fruits after they disembarked from Mesina’s van.

The Mesinas have killed my brother and wounded my nephew. My other relatives have migrated to Manila because we heard that the Mesinas wanted to exterminate all of them,” the police source quoted Calaunan, who was still dripping with water after he was "fished out" on the watery part of the grassy area.
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