Tuesday, October 2, 2012

De Venecia III's remarks on Senate Run

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During this past month, I have been seriously reflecting on my senatorial candidacy guided by my desire to serve the people and encouraged by my achievements in public governance as executive Vice President of PDP-Laban and senior advisor to the Vice President of the Philippines. At the same time I have been continuously involved in private business generating investments and creating jobs particularly in the BPO, call centers and technology sectors.
I am humbled in being included in the senatorial line-up of the prestigious United Nationalist Alliance. I am particularly grateful to Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senate president Manong Johnny Ponce Enrile, and former President Joseph Estrada for their support. I would also like to thank the Filipino people who recognize my contribution in our fight against corruption and acknowledge my capability to bring employment to our workforce. A recent Laylo Research Strategies survey placed me tied for the 13th position without my having to engage in any form of campaigning or broad public exposure. I thank the Filipino people for indicating in the survey that they want to me to serve in the Senate. Today, I have made a choice. My efforts in business have resulted to substantial and wide-reaching investment agreements in BPO, call center, technology and other sectors. These investments guarantee numerous jobs for the Filipinos. However, since I am a pioneer in the call center and broadband technology business, my direct involvement in these industries is necessary, which means that if I run for the Senate, I will have to delay these private sector initiatives until I finish my term in office. Through these businesses, I have the opportunity to provide investments and jobs for our country immediately today. Through these businesses, I have the opportunity to help government realize Filipino aspirations especially among the poor immediately today. I have therefore decided not to run for the Senate in 2013. Instead, I will pursue these immediate business endeavors bringing investments and jobs to our country. In so doing, I shall have achieved through business what I will only begin achieving through the Senate. My time in the Philippine Senate will come. It is clear to me that public service is part of my life’s mission. I will continue to work for the prosperity of as many Filipinos as possible and at the appropriate time in the future prepare myself for the senate. I thank everyone for your support. Joey De Venecia III

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