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DMNHS Holds 2011 Alumni Homecoming

Mr. Amorsolo Rosario,  a successful entrepreneur and former vice president of Nestle'- Philippines, graced the recent alumni  homecoming of Daniel Maramba National High School in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan.

The 2011 Alumni Homecoming of Daniel Maramba National High School, one of the most awaited events in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan was held on November 26-27, 2011.  One of the highlights of the celebration was the speech of the Guest of Honor and Speaker, in the person of Mr. Amorsolo M. Rosario, the Valedictorian of Class 1977 who is now a successful CPA and entrepreneur.  He was eloquently introduced by Dr. Maria Wilda T. Silva, the Executive Committee Chairperson 2011.
What made the event different from previous celebration was the fact that for the first time an outstanding alumnus graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor. Outstanding yet humble, Mr. Rosario delivered a very inspiring message to more than 3,000 alumni especially when he reads a poem he wrote himself entitled “Home Sweet Home”. It really fostered the essence of great pride and enthusiasm of everybody for his coming back to his beloved Alma Mater, his second home, the Daniel Maramba National High School. Amor as everybody fondly calls him concluded his message quoting Einstein “Don’t try to be a man of success but a man of values”. A Plaque of Recognition was awarded to him by the Hon. Mayor Carlito S. Zaplan who earlier delivered his inspirational message assisted by Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman and  President Liza J. Melendez, BOT Secretary Divine C. Doctor and 2011 Executive Committee Chairperson Dr. Maria Wilda T. Silva.
On the first day of the festivity, a Holy Mass was officiated by Rev. Father Carlito V. Yden, Parish Priest of Holy Family Parish and attended by hundreds of representatives from almost all the batches, a proof that the alumni put God first above all things.    This was followed by the parade which was exciting as ever with all the batches displaying their colorful and attractive banners. The VMU Band and the DMNHS Drum and Lyre Corp made the parade livelier especially so that they entertained the alumni during the morning break with Band Exhibition.
All the 2011 honorees: the Diamond Jubilarians, Class 1951; Golden Jubilarians, Class 1961; Ruby Jubilarians, Class 1971; and Silver Jubilarians, Class 1986, whom they call themselves “ Matibay Ka” came with colorful attires. The Silver Jubilarians as Host Batch with Dr. Maria Wilda Tagudan-Silva as the Chairperson of the Executive Committee awarded the Honorees with Tokens as their tangible “recuerdo” of the affair. Likewise the members of the Executive Committee of 2010 were awarded their Certificates of Recognition together with the 2011 benefactors of the Nonformal Education Scholarship Program.
The report of the Chairman and President, Miss Liza J. Melendez centered on her appeal for the support of the Alumni in the construction of new Alumni Building to replace the termite infested Alumni Center. She also campaigned for the registration of Alumni to acquire a Power ID which will give those benefits of discounts from business establishments and service fees from medical and dental clinic of Alumni Practitioners.

Fellowship luncheon among the different batches made the reunion very meaningful. The simultaneous conduct of Popularity Contest and General Assembly was well managed after the luncheon. Engr. Marieta B. Mendoza, Chairperson of the Popularity Contest with Mrs. Filipina M. Zaplan as Co-Chairperson managed the Popularity Contest efficiently with Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Wilmer G. Poserio as the 2011 Alumni Homecoming King & Queen. The amount raised will be for the Nonformal Education Scholarship Program of the Association.
Likewise, the General Assembly was successfully managed by the Chairman on Election, Romulo B. Balolong. The newly elected Board of Trustees for 2011-2012 were Liza J. Melendez, Engr. Marieta B. Mendoza, Bernadette M. Roco, Romulo B. Balolong, Divine C. Doctor, Jeselette G. Desamero, Filipina M. Zaplan, Esperanza N. Pascua, Grace S. Padlan, Atty. Florante C. Natividad, Dr. Tercinio J. Melendez, Cristina G. Reyes, Dr. Maria Wilda T. Silva, Arch. Joel F. Delos Santos, Mr. Ireneo Ico, Mr. Ben Diaz and Ms. Cristina B. Barbiran. Miss Liza J. Melendez was reelected as the 2012 Chairman and President of Board of Trustees for the fourth time together with Engr. Marieta B. Mendoza who was unanimously elected as the Executive Vice President.

The activities in afternoon of November 26, 2011 was fruitfully accomplished taking note of the happy dancing reunion of Batch 1977 with Guest Speaker Rosario and his former classmates enjoyment to their hearts desire together with the Golden, Ruby & Silver Jubilarians and other batches. The Banda Ni ATE  courtesy of the Governor’s Office provided the dancing music. The Raffle Draw managed by the Host Batch Class 1986 Matibay Ka made the lucky winners went home with major prizes: 21” color TV, 14” color TV, Microwave Oven, Two Sacks of Rice, Cellphone Dual Sim (Nokia), Stand Fan, Oven Toaster, Rice Cooker and consolation prizes: Umbrellas (12), Bath Towels (12), Bedsheets (12), Figurines (12).Donors of the raffle draws are Randy Lamsen  Class 1990 $100,Corazon Quinto Targa Class 1979  $50,Rose Cacam Maralit  Class 1979 $50,Benedicta De Leon Wels Class 1979  $100 and Class 86 Matibay Ka .
            The Alumni Night with Red Carpet Entrance portrayed a warm welcome for the alumni who were elegantly and smartly dressed for the affair especially so with the Multi-Media sponsored by Hon. Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. As early as 7:30 PM, the Grand Ball started with the pleasant music played by the well known Don Podring Orchestra. Almost in every piece, the auditorium with attractive lights was filled up of partners dancing gracefully. The Multi Media coverage gave a feeling of world class affair especially so that the stage was attractively decorated.
Later the formal opening of the program was done with Mrs. Deborah Beltran Castillo, from Mataraki Batch 1983 as the master of ceremonies. The program started with the parade of the Board of Trustees, the Honorees, the Diamond, Golden, Ruby & Silver Jubilarians followed by the different batches. Most of the batches paraded proudly with their attractive banners.
The warm welcome message of the Mayor Carlito S. Zaplan set the tone of the program. The spontaneous presentation of the different numbers made everybody on their toes like the awarding of the Certificate of  Recognition to the outgoing Board of Trustees and the induction of the incoming Board of Trustees. The winners of the different alumni homecoming contests under the leadership of the Chairperson, Rogel Mabunga, Batch 1984, such as Early Bird-Class 1982, Best in Attendance-Class 1994, Best in Banner-Class 1981, Best in Uniform-Class1992 were awarded their cash prizes of $100 for each category. The Donors were Miss Nonie Mendoza-Class 1979, Mr. & Mrs. Nerio Bautista – Class 1965, Mrs. Ester Jones – Class 1984 and Ms. Almira G. Catacutan – Class 1976 respectively.
The colorful awarding of the Best Dressed Alumni Lady and Alumni Gentleman coordinated by Class 1992 made the alumni amazed for giving five pairs selected by the committee until such at the end the winners were Madam Priscila S. Ventigan Batch ‘66 & Sir Pampilo Padilla Batch ’71. Mr. Rolly Ramos  Class 1977 donated the prize of $100 to the winning pair. Star of the Night was awarded to Class 1971 – Ruby Jubilarians Dr. Pons and Dr. Alice Gumawid. Mr and Mrs Jose Dalope Class 1962 donated the prize of $100.
What a great honor for the couple Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Wilmer G. Poserio of Batch 1986 Matibay Ka who were crowned as 2011 Alumni Homecoming King & Queen. The 2010 Queen Ms .Priscila  Silan- Ventigan with partner Sir Perpertuo Silan were the crowning guests.
Every hour was spent very happily by everybody, dancing, sharing experiences, reminiscing the memorable high school days and the fireworks display donated by Municipal Councilor Roger Navarro concluded the affair. Don Podring Orchestra, sponsored by Engr. Alexander M. Rosario, Batch ’86, played beautiful dancing music until 3:30 AM with most of the Batches dancing with enjoyment. Until the last hour, the 2011 Executive Chairperson, Dr. Maria Wilda T. Silva with her entourage, Class 1986 Matibay Ka proved their leadership for being the last group to leave the Auditorium at 4:00 AM of November 28, 2011.
Although there were challenges encountered, the Host Batch 1986 Matibay Ka stood firm, united, and embraced each other by proclaiming at the end of the program that they have managed an affair to remember.
Ultimately, the goal of coming up with a Souvenir Program is a tangible proof of the outstanding performance of the 2011 Executive Committee and the 2011 Board of Trustees as well, with the generous support of the Sons and Daughters of Daniel Maramba National High School, the Sponsors, Donors and Benefactors.

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