Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liver spread lovers should not worry

By Mortz C. Ortigoza ROSALES – The proposal to increase the tariff on offal should not worry consumers of the delectable liver spread. Rosenso So, chair of Abono Party-list, said in case the Tariff Commission approves the request of swine raisers to raise the tariff of offal from five percent to 35 percent a kilo, there would only be minimal price increase to the 8.5 gram liver spread. The proposal to spike the tariff to 35 percent is to deter smugglers to declare choice pork cuts as offal. Offal (low grade parts of pig) has at present a five percent tariff. So said with 35 percent duty imposed on every kilo of offal, only P6 will be added to the price of an 8.5 gram can of liver spread that is sold presently between P25 to P30. “Ang liver ang puhunan ay P20, or 50 U.S cents, or more than P20 kung five percent ang taripa noon. P1 ang babayaran nila. Kung 35 percent ang taripa, about P6 ang babayaran, “ So said. He said an 8.5 gram of live spread has only 30 percent of liver. “Thirty percent divided by 85 grams divided by 1000 multiplied by 12 U.S cents. This means 12 U.S cents lang ang increase sa isang liver spread can,” he explained

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