Thursday, January 12, 2012

Binmaley to hold 2nd Sigay Festival

BINMALEY– This town will hold its annual fiesta on February 1 coinciding with its 422nd founding anniversary. Part of the celebration is the much awaited 2nd Sigay Festival that established the town as the Seafood Capital of the North.
The Sigay Festival was initiated by Municipal Mayor Lorenzo “Enzo” Cerezo last year to promote the town as the Fishbowl of Pangasinan and as the seafood capital of northern Luzon.
The fest is celebrated to render tribute to the aquaculture industry of the town, which is the number one source of livelihood in the community here. Sigay is a Pangasinan dialect word which means ‘to harvest from the sea’.
After its resounding success last year, the Sigay Festival will again kick-off on January 21 and will end on February 3. The two-week celebration shall feature varied activities that will be enjoyed not only by the Binmaleyans but also by tourists and “balikbayans” (returning Filipinos from abroad).
According to Gertrudes Reyes, Executive Chairperson of the affair, preparations are being done for the festivity. In fact, tarpaulins of the calendar of activities were already posted all over the town inviting everyone to attend and be part of the festival. She added that they are working on the souvenir program of the event.   (PIA Pangasinan)
INGAYEN, PANGASINAN --  The Pangasinan provincial health office warned the eating public to be wary of leftovers, specially spaghetti, during the holidays because of possible cases of acute- gastroenteritis.
Dr. Anna De Guzman, provincial health officer, said the disease is likely to occur after the holidays when left over foods are in abundance.
“Food that is re-heated several times may no longer be good for human consumption,” De Guzman said.
Prior to the holidays, the health office advised the public to separate the sauces of food from the noodles or the main viand, and to cook the food intended for noche buena, really well.
She said prone to spoiling are spaghetti because of the tomato sauce and salads because of the milk.
De Guzman also warned against eating in eateries  where food are sometimes re-heated.
Statistics show the rise of gastroenteritis cases in the past years. In January to December 2010, there were 7,200 gastroenteritis cases. It rose by five percent in 2011 with 7,600 cases.
De Guzman said it is always best to ensure that the food one eats is fresh, well-cooked  and prepared by clean hands.

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