Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inept Policemen

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Woe to the nine policemen at Urbiztondo Police Station. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Why? They were all relieved as requested by Governor Amado T. Espino according to my source.
My mole said during the inauguration of Urbiztondo’s P64 million fully air-conditioned covered gyms (a first among the towns in Pangasinan) and the fiesta night celebration attended by the governor, two warring men at the perya (fair) were pacified by the policemen and were brought to the police station to be investigated.
In the station, one of the men unleashed his bolo after they renewed their altercation that caused him his life after his protagonist shot him with a hand gun.
Susmariosep, is that how inept our policemen, Provincial Director and Colonel Boyet Ricaforte?
Is it not a standard procedure among policemen to frisk first an arrested person before they are brought to police custody?
Those incompetent sons of guns, as a result, were reassigned not in Mindanao but at the nearby Alaminos Police Station.
Broadcaster Joel Balolong is uneasy these days.
Aside from his radio work he tends dozens of swine at his backyard in the town of Sta. Barbara.
He said the causes of his anxiety is the unabated influx of imported frozen meat that causes the gate price of live hog to nose-dive to P80 a kilo.
“With that price I and other small time backyard raisers would be at a losing end,” he explained.
He should be selling a month ago 17 hogs but did not , as he is waiting for a better price just to break-even with his cost of production.
It seems however that price of live pigs continues to hover to basement prices.
Joel should ask the inspectors of the Bureau of Animal Industry, National Meat Inspection Service, and Bureau of Custom to check thoroughly the contents of the container vans that enter the ports of the country.
He should know that smugglers of frozen pork in the Philippines use offal as front for choice meats.

Offal are parts of butchered pigs like chopped ears, snout, brain, and others which are not consumed by Caucasians but which Filipinos used as main ingredient for “sisig” delicacy.
Offal is used as front because it has only a 5 percent tariff of the 50 U.S cents or P22 a kilo from abroad like the U.S. Choice cuts of pork however sells for $1.55 or P120 plus a tariff of 35 percent.
This influx of frozen meats is a bane to backyard hog raisers which represent 70 percent of the hog industry in the Philippines.

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