Sunday, January 22, 2012

A congressman's creative ways to buttress his limited “pork”

Rep. Pol Bataoiol
By Mortz C. Ortigoza
Because of his limited “pork barrel” the congressman of the 2nd District of Pangasinan has a creative ways to serve better his constituents.

Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil said that his yearly P70 million Priority Development Assistance Fund or famously known as “Pork Barrel” from the government is not enough to distribute it to the eight towns that composed the congressional district.
He disclosed that he asked many village chiefs for a “bayanihan” (cooperative undertaking) to accomplish a certain project in their barangays.
“They asked for several projects. In consultation with them kung iyong covered court, mga integrated school, cementing of their plaza which have also been accomplished but because of the limited funds I have to seek for a participation with you which I provide the material, you provide the labor. Bayanihan. Plus the other materials I sourced with the LGUs (Local Government Units), like the mayors” he said.
His other ways in raising funds come from the P70 million PDAF of some party list congressmen whose constituency is national in scope.
“For the record, I have solicited worth P2 million infrastructure building from the allotment of congresswoman Reena C. Obillo of Una ang Pamilya who personally inaugurated to the delight of the people of Basista”.

He said the other project came from Rep. Cinchona Cruz Gonzales of the Cibak Party list.
He cited too that he seeks funds from government offices like Departments of Public Works & Highway, Agrarian Reform, Agriculture, Educations and the National Irrigation Administration.
He explained these are regular funds that are not program.
“For example,kaming mga congressmen would lobby for the funding of the projects namin which we can not accommodate sa aming PDAF.  Then we go to department secretaries”.
He said these secretaries have flexibility to commit their funds especially if a solon –like him -is friendly to the present government.
He deplored that until now senators have not share their respective P200 million PDAF in his district.
Bataoil hopes that with the May 2013 national poll just a corner away, these solons would appropriate funds for his district.
“Hopefully, tingnan natin kung itong mga senators will not be interested on the plight of the 2nd District.”
The congressman said that the P35 million “pork” for the second semester of 2011 have been technically approved.
“Sa DBM (Department of Budget & Management). Sa SARO (Special Allotment Release Order) is there. But the release of the SARO is the call of the DBM which are also right. They are facilitating it to release it to all congressmen,” he stressed.
He said the projects that would be funded by these funds have already been bid.
He disclosed the first tranche of his P35 million for 2012 P7o million PDAF will be released on June 2012

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