Monday, July 25, 2011

Most Pangasinan's BMs received P40 monthly from Jueteng – BM Uy

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 Recently, I overheard Board Member Alfonso Bince adversely commenting on the surge of Loterya ng Bayan (LNB) in Pangasinan.
“Loterya ng Mayayaman,” he incessantly and derisively quipped to two radio stations where he was interviewed the other week in a phone patch.
LNB is a number game similar to jueteng but sanctioned by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes.
Gambling kibitzers said it is the antidote to jueteng as its daily draws are seen on cable-TV and heard on radio, while its counterpart jueteng has no transparent mechanical draw thus vulnerable to manipulations by cheating operators.
Bet for LNB is as low as P1 from the Unwashed of our Society who give their fate to gambling.
Does Bince’s dislike for LNB reflect the mentality of his colleagues whose names are preceded with the adjective “Honorable”?
As you know many members of the media, in some informal gatherings, were treated by BM Danny Uy’s bravados that most if not all of his colleagues at the provincial board received P40 monthly payola from a jueteng operator.
Aside from LNB “killing” the illegal swindling game jueteng, it would not give any dime to the “honorable” vice governor and "honorable" members of the Board.
Is the absence of payola the reason that made members of the August Body critical of LNB?
According to LNB’s mechanics, the provincial and municipal governments, and the police get a percentage from the revenues earned daily in a certain local government units.
Since I just divulged for the first time the alleged insidious immoral wrong doings at the provincial board, the magnanimous and incorruptible BM Uy owed me a drink. Sir, wag lason, ha? San Miguel Lights lang, Mr. Future Vice Governor.

A city councilor asked the chief of police (COP) of the city invited by the August Body to shed lights on the proliferation of jueteng.
He asked the COP if he was privy to the fact that  two of his colleagues  were allegedly protectors of the illegal numbers game.
Media men who cut their teeth on the nitty gritty of the profession could just shake their heads.
Everybody knows among these media men that the dad, including the rest of his colleagues, has been a recipient of P8 thousand monthly from the operator of the game.
“Nag tatanung lang iyon, kasi hindi na binibigyan ng share niya sa 1-3-7 (moniker use by media men to describe jueteng whose bet numbers could be selected from 1 to 37)
Media men could just shake their heads as what their colleague narrated to them how a married “eccentric” woman was exposed in court lying through her teeth.
“Her likewise married paramour who coached her to fabricate a case on her complaint sheet against the defendant still has a lot to learn in the Art of Fabrication” a veteran media man quipped to the group composed of the “who is who” in the local media industry.
An influential broadcaster quipped that after the case is dismissed for a lot of iota of doubt, the defendant sued criminally and civilly big time the fabricator to teach her a lesson in smearing one’s reputation, and make it as a lesson to policemen, particularly, not to make a story for the sake of filing a case.
This is not only waste of precious government funds and time, but would give adverse repercussions to your profession.
 “I will write an extensive detailed story on that to expose this shenanigan,” the veteran media man told the group.
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