Sunday, April 2, 2017

Former Calasiao Vice Mayor Galang Dead

                                            Suicide Ruled Out

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO - A former  vice mayor here who mysteriously resigned from his post last December  was found dead inside his room stoking rumors that he committed suicide.
Police in this thriving town said that last April 1 at eight in the morning they responded to the call of the kin of former Vice Mayor Ferdinand Gregorio Galang, 44, married, in Barangay Mancup who they found lifeless in his room.

According to this town's chief of police Superintendent Charlie D. Umayam the cadaver was discovered by Jun Gregorio, uncle of Galang, inside his room lifeless and kneeling facing downward with blood oozing from his mouth and nose.

Personnel of the Scene of the Crime Operative (SOCO) led by Police Inspector Nagtaan were requested to investigate the crime scene and process the remains. SOCO initially found no stab, gunshot wound, or any superficial injury on his body.
The crime scene operatives also recovered underneath the body of the victim one empty bottle of a Vitamilk that would be subject for forensic examination.
 July Galang, elder sister of the deceased, claimed that the victim had hypertension and prostate illness and was undergoing a medical checkup.
 Post mortem examination was processed by the Municipal Health Officer Doctor Cristina P. Estrada  who told reporters and policemen that it would be followed by autopsy examination by a medico-legal officer of the Philippine National Police. 
Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon also ruled out that Galang committed suicide.
Galang, a law graduate at the University of Pangasinan, won as three term councilor here and won the vice mayoralty in 2004. But in 2010 he was defeated in the same post by then Vice Mayor Roy Macanlalay in a tightly contested and acrimonious race where the duo sued each other in the court because of grave threat and trespassing. 
In the May 2016 election he ran under Bauzon and defeated vice mayoralty's rival Narciso Chuson, Jr. 
In that poll Galang got 17, 732 votes while Chuson took 16, 117 votes..
 But the people here was shocked when he mysteriously resigned his post in December last year, peddling rumors he sold his post to incumbent Vice Mayor Mahadeva Das Mesina, 36.
In his resignation letter he justified that he would be migrating abroad.
Galang and his estranged wife had been undergoing an annulment of marriage in the Regional Trial Court in Dagupan City.
The wife, according to a source, was the petitioner of the case.
Galang, a businessman, had been reportedly enmeshed in financial problems, and faced a death threat too.    

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