Sunday, June 14, 2015

Balon Dagupan swimming team is Speedo champ

Balon Dagupan swimming team is Speedo champ

DAGUPAN CITY – The Balon Dagupan Swimming Team won the Speedo Jumpstart Swimming Competition championship trophy when it ruled the competition held at the Philippine Columbian Association swimming pool in Manila on June 6.

“It is so sweet to see how our swimmers have improved in their training since we started the program from the very start of our term as city mayor. Our efforts, the hardships and struggles we faced in organizing the team now bear fruit,” said Mayor Belen T. Fernandez when she met the team on June 10 at the city museum.

Fernandez thanked the Dagupan City Sports Commission which she organized to oversee the implementation of the city’s sports plans and programs.

The commission is composed of Finela Sim, lawyer Lemuel Astadan, Nanoy Duque and Renato Vidal together with Schools Division Superintendent Proserfina Bravo.

“I am even more inspired to support our sports program for our children especially in achieving our goal of enrolling 6,000 of them in our ‘learn to swim’ program,” said Fernandez.

Aside from swimming, also programmed by Fernandez is basketball training sessions for children to further enhance their talent and skills in the sports.

“Nike Philippines is inviting us to join the NIKE RISE Campaign, a six-week basketball training program to be shown on television", she said. 

This is designed to inspire the next wave of Filipino basketball players to raise their game above their limits, said Fernandez as she extended her invitations to the youth aged 16 to 21, boys and girls, including the children in conflict with law to join the program.

Deadline for submission of entries is on June 16 at the Dagupan City Astrodome where application forms are also available. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO)

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