Monday, December 16, 2013

PD Chan: Making the Best Out of a Limited Fund

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The police provincial director of Pangasinan is leaving a legacy in his post how to make the best out of the measly Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).
Sr. Supt. Marlou C. Chan said before this year ends he made something that his predecessors in the provincial command dared not touch: Renovated the dilapidated and worn-out offices of the police provincial headquarters to a cozy call-center style work place.
He said he carefully utilizes this year half-a –million pesos from the limited MOOE allocated by the police headquarter in Manila for the repair and repainting of the offices of the command staff like the administration, police civil relation, operation, investigation, and others.
“The police provincial office would be the last to be repaired and repainted after all of the offices like the intelligence and command conference rooms in this building have been refurbished,” he said.
Police Civil Relation Office
The first sight and smell that greet visitors at the provincial would be the immaculate white, and shiny brown, blue, and gray paint that embellished the bars, handles, and walling of the stairways from the ground floor to the second floor.
A source who asked anonymity said that for years no provincial directors have repaired the walls and ceilings, reconstruct the furniture, and replace the worn-out paint that became an eye sore inside the main building.
“If his predecessors used the money to some insignificant things, PD (provincial director) plans to purchase five new computers and numbers of big flat screen TV in the staff offices even through installment basis by using the modicum MOOE”.
Call Center Style PCR Office

Investigation Office
The police provincial command has more than P1 million MOOE for repair and office supplies in a year. It is given by tranche every quarter of the year
In the past some police provincial directors in Pangasinan were accused of mishandling the MOOE.
According to the source, even without the support of the provincial government it only shows that remarkable things can still be made even with a limited police funds.
The source said the administration of Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino has appropriated P3 million in the past for the repair and construction of the provincial command but withheld it due to the governor’s differences with Chan.

As Chan await his order for his new post as chief of the directorial staff (RCDS) in  the police regional office in San Fernando City La Union, he is presently busy supervising command conferences and seminars among his staff to buttress their crime solution efficiency, their competence in correspondence, and their skills in using computer software.

Police Civil Relation Office

Police Sr. Supt. Marlou Chan explains to his staff how  to use charcoal
and vinegar to neutralize the irritatable smells emitted by the new paint.
OPERATION OFFICE: A police official browse the memo from 
the provincial director in the call-center style's operation office

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