Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bataoil in a tensed negotiation with Misuari

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
Moro Rebels Chairman Nur Misuari

 A lot of Filipinos were agog recently about the front cover of the male FHM magazine and its headliner the voluptuous actress Alice Dixon. According to what I read, that particular issue of FHM vanished in the market like hot cake because of the poses of the divorcee half American actress who used to work as real estate broker in the U.S.
What made a lot of younger women turn green with envy was Alice Dixon was already 44 years old – an age, just like in boxing, considered as old and over the hill.
Ano kaya ang sekreto ni Alice, siya ay 44 na pero sexy pa rin. Si comedienne Eugene Domingo ay mas bata pa sa kanya pero mukhang matanda na?
Former Police General Pol
I was watching recently the evening news of GMA-7 TV. Its reporter said that the driver and conductor of the "killer" bus Don Mariano receive P1,200, P1000 a day as pay or P36,000 or P30,000, respectively, a month if they don't take their weekend leave. Manila bus drivers receive much higher pay than a public school principal whose lowest pay is P28, 000 a month.
Years ago in a conversation with a driver of an air-conditioned  Victory Liner from Manila to Dagupan City, he told me that he and the conductor receive that pay in a twice a day hair raising  trips ( one trip is six- hour ride) a day. He rued however that many folks considered their work as less prestigious than say a P19, 000 a month new public school teacher or a rookie policeman.
Air conditioned bus drivers are even accused of indulging in illegal drugs Shabu so they can fight sleepiness.
The driver of the Don Mariano that crashed at the railings of the SkyWay in Manila and fell like an accordion into a van in a highway downstairs was suspected to have dozed off. Probably he was not into shabu as some of his counterparts have been accused to use.
His common law wife (live-in partner) said his husband parked his bus at midnight but he was asked by the owner to drive it at five am the following day.
Kulang sa tulog, and many of these drivers in Manila face this same dilemma.
The brewing conflicts among claimant countries in some islets in the Far East Asia bode well for the military industries of the United States and Europe.
Look at the $240 billion shopping lists of Japan for a four years military hardware streak:
To buttress its maritime and defense capability around the disputed islets, the Abe administration, according to Philippine Daily Inquirer December 18 issue, announced recently to buy $240 billion  new military hardware in a five-year span starting next year that include five submarines, three drones, 52 amphibious vehicles, 17 Osprey hybrid choppers, and others.

The Philippines is part of the queue too in the arms purchase as it modesty prepares its defense on the saber rattling Mainland China in the South China Sea.  The Aquino administration is going to purchase the following: One squadron of T-50 jets from South Korea, frigates from Italy, attack helicopters, C-130 cargo planes, to name a few that cost hundreds of billions of pesos from our coffer.
The more Asia countries rearms, the more employment for the Americans, Europeans, and the Koreans .
Pangasinan Congressman Pol Bataoil told recently broadcaster Ruel Camba in his program that the former considered Maguindanao and Cotabato Provinces as his second home after Pangasinan.
The solon told Ruel that I was with Brig. General Ademar Tomaro (PMA ’82), Maguindanao Governor Toto Mangudadato, and former Governor Manny Pinol in Maguindanao recently.
He said he talked with Brig. General Tomaro who used my phone when I was there two weeks ago.
When he was a major and the chief of Cotabato City Metro District Command, Bataoil said he was involved in a tension filled negotiation with MNLF chieftain Nur Misuari when the latter sneaked in a bay in the city with thousands of his armed to the teeth troops.
“I introduced myself to him as a major and the chief of the Metrodiscom. I told him that he could not parade his troops in the city since it would cause tension among the residents there”.
Batoil said that my fellow Ilonggo general, dubbed by his PMA Mistah Generals Vic Castro and Sonny Versoza as the member of the Buldog (Delta) Company at the PMA, then Captain Tomaro was just around the corner with his tanks ready to turn Misuari into mincemeat if he would persist on his desire to show boat his troops without an imprimatur from the national government.

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