Saturday, December 17, 2011

Braganza’s led economic alliance braces to achieve MDG

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ALAMINOS CITY – The four members of the One Pangasinan Alliance (OPAL) are not only bent to achieve four of the eight targets of the Millennium Development Goal but are geared to be a model in the country as the first group to attain them.
Mayor Hernani Braganza said since he was a congressman it was his utmost desire to lift the economy of the first congressional district.
He said the Philippine government could not breach the target of the United Nations in 2015 to reverse and eradicate extreme poverty, promote universal primary education, maternal health, and environmental sustainability but optimistically declared that the OPAL could do it.
OPAL, an economic alliance,is composed of this city, and the towns of Agno,Anda, Bani,Bolinao, Burgos,Dasol, Infanta, Mabini and Sual.
But it is Alaminos, Bani, Dasol and Burgos which took part in the MDG project. Officials of these four LGUs met last December 15 to formalize the integration of the MDG in their respective annual investment plan (AIP) for 2012 dubbed as “Festival of Good Governance”.
Roland Cabigas, managing director of La Liga Policy Institute said the four members OPAL have allocated almost P200 million for various MDG-related programs and projects for 2012 which is expected to improve the delivery of basic social services for the poorest of the poor sectors in their respective localities.
A total of P111, 997,426 has been allocated for various MDG-related programs by Alaminos City. This represents 35.5 percent of the city’s proposed total proposed budget for 2012, of P314, 890, 970, 46 per cent of which are dedicated to eradicating extreme poverty.

Bani, likewise, has allocated a total of 61,591,534 for various MDG related-programs budget, representing 73.70 per cent of its total budget of P83, 462,976 for 2012.
On the other hand, Burgos allocated a total of P13, 757,946 for different MDG-related programs. This represents 25.51 per cent of the total proposed budget of P53, 922,077 for 2012. More than half of this MDG-related budget is dedicated to reducing poverty in the municipality.
The salt-producing town has allocated a total of P10, 338,426 for MDG-related programs, mostly dedicated to eradication of extreme poverty in their proposed AIP for 2012.
Cabisan said that because of the dedication of OPAL to tag the MDG, the European Union gave it P14 million after La Liga committed P5 million as it counterpart fund for the fruition of the millennium goals.
Great Britain, through her embassy in the Philippines, also funded La Liga’s researches, and the United Nation Development Program included OPAL as recipient of the six provinces it funded.
Meanwhile, during the Festival of Good Governance here, Mayor Braganza disclosed that Budget Secretary Florencio Abad asked him to submit projects the Aquino Administration could deliver to OPAL.
Braganza, a fellow party member of the president of the country, hoped that next year these projects will see implementation.
The former congressman and cabinet secretary said that there is an ongoing negotiation between OPAL he represented and Jollibee Groups of Company for the latter to procure organic products produce in the 500- hectare organic farm of the OPAL.
Bani Mayor Navarro lauded Braganza for his pro-action role in drawing investment to the shores of OPAL.
“He is the best. OPAL passed the requirements of EU. I hailed also Roland (Cabigas) of the La Liga. Before, we felt alone. Then OPAL came!”The former police general stressed.
Navarro concluded that OPAL is the light beyond the tunnel where system of collaboration and sharing the resources of its members matter most.

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