Friday, March 25, 2011

FOR VIOLATION OF WOMEN RIGHTS: Alaminos punong barangay jailed

ALAMINOS CITY—For frequently beating his wife and causing her psychological agony since 1991, a barangay captain here was arrested and had a short stay in jail.
Punong barangay Mario Rabadon of Victoria who was charged for violation of RA 9262 (Violation Against Women and their Children Act) was put in custody after a warrant for his arrest was issued by Judge Elpidio N. Abella of RTC Branch 55.
Rabadon, a close ally of former Rep.Arthur Celeste, was in a favorite cockpit when the warrant was served.
However, Rabadon was immediately set free after being able to post a bail of P48,000.
Based on the complaint of Gemma Rabadon at the city prosecutor’s office, her husband started to assault her physically and psychologically since 1991, when the latter started having affairs with other women.
The abuse continued until last January 25, 2011 when Gemma was hospitalized after seriously being injured by the battering husband.
Also based on Gemma’s complaint, concerned citizens who tried to pacify Kapitan Rabadon themselves took blows from him.
The punong barangay also threatened to kill a tricycle driver who offered help to Gemma.

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