Monday, March 28, 2011

Pigar-Pigar Festival mulls

DAGUPAN CITY – Aside from its delectable bonuan bangus, the city is known for another food delicacy known as pigar-pigar.
The delicacy’s basic ingredient is carabeef, thinly sliced and sprinkled with salt and deep-fried and garnished with sliced onion.  One can order with either cauliflower, sliced cabbage or carabeef liver.
Pigar-pigar Festival stalls are lined-up along Galvan Street. They usually open as early as 5p.m. until dawn.
Pigar-Pigar Festival has been for several years now one of the events in the Bangus Festival. 
This time, however, the pigar-pigar stall owners themselves will be the ones handling the event.
Formed into a group, the Dagupan City Pigar-Pigar Association is headed by Rommel Cerezo of Great Taste Fastfood.
In this year’s Bangus Festival, the Pyesta Pigar-Pigar is scheduled on April 15 and 16.
Cerezo said there will be a motorcade in the morning of April 15. Several cooking contests and the induction of the Dagupan City Pigar-Pigar Association by Mayor Benjamin Lim will be held in the afternoon.
The competitions include Pigar-Pigar Cooking Contest, Pigar-Pigar Eating Contest, Pigar-Pigar Best Chopper, Best Stall Decoration and Beer-Drinking Contest.
The event committee is finalizing the contest guidelines and the prizes. 
Cerezo admitted that all the pigar-pigar stall owners have a grand time during the duration of Bangus Festival with the many visitors flocking to the city.
The festival food cooking competition dubbed 101 Ways to Cook Bangues which will be held on April 29 at the Dagupan City People’s Astrodome.

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