Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Q & A: South Korea continues to give weapons to Ph – Envoy

 Political Columnist Mortz Ortigoza interviewed South Korea Ambassador Kim Jae Shin on the military aid to the Philippines  by the Korean government to fight her enemies, just like what the United States and Japan have been doing.
Ortigoza, a son of a Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) veteran, inquired in the recent 18th Korean War Veterans Memorial Day at Fort Bonifacio to His Excellency if South Korea would still be as prosperous as today or be as impoverished as North Korea if the Philippines and the 15 nations did not come to her succor in the early 1950s after she was invaded by the Communist North Korea and patron China. Excerpts:

Mortz C. Ortigoza: Filipino Korean veterans are decreasing in number. What can you say about their contributions in that war in the early 1950s that Communist North Korea and the Chinese nearly conquered your country?

 Political Columnist Mortz Ortigoza interviews South Korea Ambassador Kim Jae Shin 

Ambassador Kim Jae Shin: Yes we thank the contributions. In the second part as I said earlier the Korean country was happy as put in history the contribution not only (of) the Philippines but the other 15 countries (or a) total (of) 16 countries who sent troops to defend us for democracy. So we always appreciate.

Without the 16 countries from the United Nations (UN), do you think South Korea now is under the clutches of Communist North Korea?

 No, no. I cannot say that. I think, I mean impossible…

 Without the 16 countries, do you think your government could flush-out alone the two invaders?

 If if in the history is very good to explain to say I cannot say the Korea might colonize by China or North Korea. I cannot say that. But I said for sure North Korea was not able to capture our country.

Japan and the U.S gave us military hardwares to fight our enemies. Do you give military aid just like the two countries did to us?

 Yes we did, yes we did! We are going to provide vessels and ships and also….

Are those military vessels for free, a grant?

 Yes, yes. I think they (Philippines) paid only $100. (He chuckled on the Pohang-class anti-submarine warship).

 Japan has been giving or leasing us hardwares just like those 10 big Coast Guard's ships and those five of her Beechcraft King’s TC-90 surveillance planes.

 Yes, yes last year and other Korean defense industries we have cooperation… Of course it is not only a grant but a loan.

 I heard Hyundai Heavy Industries is also building two semi-stealth frigates for us?

 Yes, yes two ships. Frigates, frigates. We have ties to extend our cooperation (inaudible). We continue to give our contribution to the Filipino veterans and their descendants.

 My last question, you mentioned at the stage during the 43rd PVAI Annual Convention that as debt of gratitude to the Filipino veterans that you are giving educational scholarship to even their great grand children.
 I have a daughter she is in Grade 5 now can she avail of the educational scholarship? My father is a Korean War Veteran.

 Yes, yes your daughter might be a recipient of our scholarship.

 Note: Video of this interview to be posted soon in this article.

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