Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RP should protect territories – Bataoil

By Mortz C. Ortigoza LINGAYEN – Pangasinan second district Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil said the Philippine government should protect its territory from foreign incursion based on international law.
Bataoil, a member of the House’s defense committee, said these territorial land and sea over which the country has jurisdiction under the internationally approved Archipelagic Doctrine, are the Spratly’s Islands.
The claimant states like Mainland China, Taiwan,Vietnam and others at the West Philippines Sea (Spratlys) should be settled in a peaceful manner.
Bataoil said in case foreign intruders arbitrarily build concrete barriers or deploy missiles on the islands under the protection of the Philippines, the government has all the rights to dismantle them.
“Let’s dismantle those war materials which threaten our sovereignty and our territorial security, “he stressed.
He also said the Defense Committee want to procure modern warships and fighter jets to buttress the equipment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
“We have approved the procurement of the Coast Guard’s Hamilton Class Cutter under the modernization program.”
He said the 2012 fiscal budget sees an increase in the military budget.
Meanwhile, Bataoil said the solution to solve the Moro problems is for the government to launch without let-up a military and police operation.
“Operation without let-up in pursuit of justice. It is not an all-out-war; it is all-out-justice. We are doing military operation in pursuit of justice,” he explained.
He said he was not in favor of an all-out-war because it would result in many civilian casualties.
He said there is always a price to pay for a campaign like an all-out-war and an all-out-justice that would be waged by the government.
Bataoil, a former police two-star general saw action during his junior years at the defunct Philippine Constabulary and as chief of police of Cotabato City’s Metrodiscom when he was a Chief Inspector (Major rank in the military) of the Philippine National Police.

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