Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pacquiao’s hair-thin disappointing victory

The author in a Post Fight Analysis at GMA-7 TV of the Pacquiao vs. Marquez Rubber Match

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
Although Manny Pacquiao got 117 against the 115 I scored to Juan Manuel Marquez’s, Manny’s performance was a disappointment.
He was tentative in most of the rounds to aggressively bring the war to Marquez.
Obviously, he was afraid to be hit by the flashing heavy counterpunches of the Mexican warrior – thanks to the conditioning methods of coach and BALCO investigation famed Angel Heredia.
With Marquez batteries of Patriot missiles- liked defenses, Pacquiao shilly-shally most of the time thus he came short to the expectation of the blood thirsty but booing spectators.
What were the price he paid on these short comings and boring performances to his future bouts?
1.       He devalues himself that could undermine the number of Pay Per View  (PPV) and ticket buyers on his ho-hum fourth (4)fight with Marquez on May 2012 as compared to the almost 1.5 probable buy of PPV as what promoter Bob Arum predicted recently;
2.        It gives another future opponent Floyd Mayweather, Jr. the blueprints to “whoop Pacquiao’s  ass” just like what he did to Marquez in 2009.
Has trainer Freddie Roach failed to study meticulously how to beat Marquez  on the fight tape of the Mayweather-Marquez?
Floyd has shown there how a lead hand (Floyd’s left and Manny’s right) can be converted into a quick hard punch and not a jab after which Mayweather slipped away from the 1-2 counterpunches of Marquez.
Floyd has shown there too how to be unpredictable to what punches and steps he would do that puzzled Marquez
Marquez has the same style of “Enter at your own Risk” when he fought Floyd and when he fought Manny lately.
Roach should have taught Manny about them, but it seems he failed.
One of them was Marquez has the tendency to pause on the latter rounds after he bobbled from power punches.
One instance that we saw in the trilogy was when Manny swung his left hook to Marquez the latter docked it, back tract and pause as if thinking if he left unlock the door of his house at Distrito Federal in Mexico.
Pacquiao did not exploit that weakness. The less heavy punching Floyd zealously hammered him with his  straight 1-2 blinding combinations that landed on Marquez face like a Russian-made Katyuska rockets.

Likewise, the disappointed spectators would love the spectacle of that rubber match when Manny should have over ran Juan by raining him with his right jabs and left hooks as he shielded his face with his two hands to deflect and block the looping counter punches and uppercuts of the Mexican.
But he hesitated until the last three rounds after Marquez‘s face crashed on Manny’s solid left hook and right hook at the last minute of the  9th Round that weakened and slowed him.
Those two punches were the saving grace of Pacquiao in snatching that hair thin controversial victory as I gave him the last three rounds.
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