Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pang’nan PNP bags most awards in Region-1

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union - After being demonized by politicians because of his toughed implementation of police measures in the May 13 national and local polls this year, Acting Pangasinan Provincial Director Marlou Chan has been vindicated when the Provincial Police Office (PPO)-Pangasinan becomes a recipient of most of the awards given by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in observance with it’s 112th Police Service Anniversary Celebration.
AWARDEE: Police Colonels Chan (center) and
Abrahano (right)
The fete will be held at the PRO-1 Grandstand here on August 15, 2013.
According to the memorandum sent by the PNP-Region 1 to the PPO-Pangasinan, the latter reaped eight out of the 14 awards in two categories where the PPO has shown its feat.
Two Award Categories

 In the Unit Award Categories they are “Achievement Unit Award in the Campaign against Organized Crimes”, ”Achievement Unit Award on the Arrest of Most Wanted Persons”, “Achievement Unit Award for the Solution of Sensational Criminal Case – Alaminos City”.
The PPOs of Ilocos Norte and La Union settled for “Achievement Unit Award in the Campaign against Terrorism”, “Achievement Unit Award in Rescue and Relief Operation”, respectively.
In the Special Unit Award Categories, PPO-Pangasinan snared five of the eight accolades.
 They are “Recognition for the Unit with Most Number of Apprehended Gun Ban Violation During the May 2013 Election- Dagupan City Police Station”, “Recognition for the Unit with Most Number of Search Warrants Implemented During the May 2013 Election Period”,” Recognition for the Unit with the Highest Percentage on Compliance on Documentation Phase Vis-à-vis Complete Documents (Oplan Katok) During the May 2013 Election Period- San Carlos City Police Station ”, “Recognition for the Unit with Most Number of Renewed Firearms (Oplan Katok) During May 2013 Election Period – Sto. Thomas Municipal Police Station”, and “Recognition for the Unit with Most Number of Firearms Accounted During May 2013 Election Period”.
 The provinces of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte clinched the three remaining awards. Ilocos Sur’s PPO got the “Recognition for Unit with the Most Members of Private Armed Groups Neutralized During May 2013 Election Period” and “Recognition for the Unit with the Least Number of Election Related Violent Incidents during the May 2013 Election Period – Regional Special Operations Task Group. Ilocos Norte settled for the single award on “Recognition for the Unit with Most Number of Accounted / Confiscated Loose Firearms during the May 2013 Election Period”.

Chan reduced the crime rates in Pangasinan compared to his predecessors

 Chan, a member of class 1985 of the Philippine Military Academy, has impressed the public in the humongous province after he mitigated the spate of crimes that have been giving Pangasinan black eyes in the past elections.
 Political spectators credit in these chutzpah the gung-ho attitude of Chan, known to chide in public incompetent police chiefs, to make the best in every PPO he served as provincial director.
He was an awardee too in his last tour of duty at the Ilocos Norte’s PPO before his present stint.
 A source who asked anonymity at the PNP said that all those resolutions from the League of Municipalities in the Philippines-Pangasinan Chapter and the Sangguniang Panlalalwigan (provincial council) for Chan to leave Pangasinan would be overshadowed by the rites on August 15.
 “At least the people now learned that Chan raised the bar of police efficiency amid the rough and tumble politics of Pangasinan in the pre and post election periods,” the source observed.
Chan said that the brouhahas raised against him by politicians when he implemented zealously election laws in the last poll did not slow his enthusiasm to do what is best for the province.
“Their criticism did not shake me. I saw it coming. I was just doing my job mandated by law,” he stressed. Compared to his predecessors retired police colonels Rosueto V. Ricaforte and Mariano Luis Versoza, the peace and order under his watch declined significantly when he became acting provincial director in December 12, 2012 up to present.
Since January to June this year there were 126 shooting incidents while Ricaforte and Versoza have 249 shooting reports from January to December last year. Chan explained that he has 60% crime solution efficiency compared to his two predecessors last year who have 49% batting averaged in solving the shooting incidents.
Lt. Colonel Abrahano's factor in the  Awarding Equation

 Meanwhile, Dagupan City Chief of Police Superintendent Christopher Abrahano, a perennial awardee too, lauded his collaboration with Chan in bagging the “Recognition for the Unit with Most Number of Apprehended Gun Ban Violation during the May 2013 Election- Dagupan City Police Station” in the Special Unit Award Categories. “The strategy I and Colonel Chan laid in Dagupan City, we dealt immediately before those goons, guns, and gold rear their ugly heads in one of the candidate. Without the timely intervention of the police, we can expect violence to sizzle as the other party emulates her rival’s shenanigans,” Abrahano, an alumnus of Philippine National Police Academy Class of 1996, stressed.

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