Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bataoil versus Perez for PCL-Pang'nan Chapter


 I thought the race to get the highest plum of the Philippine Councilors League-Pangasinan Chapter (PCL-PC) is a hiccup.
Lingayen Councilor
Ramon Bataoil
Can you imagine San Carlos City councilor Vicci Ventanilla and ticket dropping by at the houses or offices of the 476 councilors of the 44 towns and three cities' humongous province by giving each of them a cassava cake instead of the P10, 000 to P20, 000 that become an “ ugly custom” in the past campaigns.

 Ramon Bataoil for the marquee fight

 It took only a text message last August 9 from former Land Bank Manager and Asingan , Pangasinan beauteous councilor Vangie Dorao for me to change my hiccup to heave- out.
 “ It’s final, Councilor Ramon Bataoil of Lingayen for PCL presidency,“ excerpts of Vangie’s message.
Vangie, by the way, runs for the Public Relation Officer of the PCL-PC under Bataoil.
When I texted Judy Vargas, another gorgeous solon of Capital town Lingayen who runs for the vice presidency of the PCL-PC, to confirm Mon Bataoil challenging San Manuel councilor Shiela Perez, Miss Vargas retorted:
 “Is it a good move? Tito Ramon is a good choice. Perfect fit. Did it make our team better? .
San Manuel Councilor
Shiela Perez
Vargas explained that the move to replace Ventanilla with Bataoil was to strengthen the group.
 "Councilor Vicci (and the Cassava Cake? ) is still with us and will run as the Secretary General. This is for the betterment of Team Victory".
"Geez, the fight is no longer Manny Pacquiao versus Brandon Rio Locsin in Veni Vici Vidi (“I came, I saw, I conquer” –Julius Caesar). It’s Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in Ramon. It’s a “Dream Fight for the PCL-PC derby,” I told my side kick Procopio Matulis who was imbibing his third bottle of Tanduay Rhum.
Just like the Perezes (Shiela, former PCL –PC L-President Dong Perez, their brother San Manuel Mayor Jericho Perez and their father San Manuel Vice Mayor Badong Perez), the Bataoils (Mon, and older brother Congressman Pol (2nd District, Pangasinan) have the wherewithal’s of millions of pesos to cough-up till the D-Day in August 19, 2013.

 Rep. Pol Bataoil as prospect for the governorship in 2016

But what intrigued me about the entry of Councilor Mon was the probable candidacy of Congressman Pol for the governorship in 2016 when his fellow PMAyer incumbent Governor Amado T. Espino ends his last term in that year.
 Can Pol be likened to the United States pivot by realigning some of its military forces from Europe and the Middle East and based them in the Asia Pacific region so it can deal effectively with the growing military threat of economic giant China?
Lingayen coun-
cilor Judy
With Mon at the PCL-PC, Pol has already a comparative advantage to the 476 dads as conduits to the almost two million voters in the humongous province.

Gubernatorial Bets for 2016

 According to my source the probable gubernatorial bets for 2016 would be Abono Congressman Conrad Estrella, Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim, 5th District congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco, and Bataoil. Governor Espino, according to my source, will reclaim his old congressional seat in the 2ndDistrict or run as mayor of the mammoth city San Carlos.
Asingan Councilor Vangie
“He is building a house at a village in San Carlos,” the source quipped. (You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at

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