Saturday, September 29, 2012

JDV, Gina still deciding who will run

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By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 DAGUPAN CITY – Five-time Speaker Jose de Venecia said either he or his wife Gina, the congresswoman of the 4th District of Pangasinan, will run for the top district’s post. He said the family is still consulting with each other because of demands from various quarters that want to see any of them head the district that is composed of one city and four towns. “The family consults each other for the best interest of Dagupan City and the towns in the 4th District of Pangasinan,” he stressed. 
The former Speaker said he and Gina are still deciding whether they will stay with Nationalist People’s Coalition (NP) or shift to the Liberal Party (LP). 
He said many senior leaders of political parties in Manila are asking her if she will stay with the NPC or join the LP. “We are considering all of these because I am the chairman of all political parties in Asia. We have to continue our interaction with all the political parties just like what I did with the political parties in Asia,” he said. 
De Venecia said as chairman of political parties in Asia, he adheres to the wisdom of consulting with different party leaderships in the country whether he or his wife stays or leave their present party. In a mass wedding in San Jacinto where Rep.
 Gina stood as a witness, her brother-in-law former senator Ernesto Maceda, declared to the crowd there that the former Speaker will seek a congressional seat next year, while his spouse Gina can either run as governor, mayor (Dagupan City), or seek another congressional seat in another district. But Gina told this paper that she could not run as mayor of this city because she is registered as voter of San Fabian town. Former speaker de Venecia said he received proposals from different sectors for him to run in the Senate. “Some people are telling me to run for the senate, my constituents in the 4th District are also asking me to run for the House of Representatives –back to my old seat although Manay Gina is also doing a good job,” he said.

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