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Huge population means power – Villar

CYNTHIA CIRCLES PANGASINAN TOWNS.  Senatorial wannabe Cynthia Villar (3rd from Right) exchanges pleasantries with Malasiqui Mayor Armand Domantay during her sortie in Pangasinan town last Thursday.  Third from left is Abono Party-list Chair Rosendo So. Villar was in the vote-rich Pangasinan recently in a helicopter-hopping fashion by barnstorming the towns of Manaoag, Malasiqui, and Mangaldan. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

Hoi Polloi for Villar: Thousand of crowd listen to the programs enunciated by Villar  in her past visit in Pangasinan


 MALASIQUI – Is the stance of senatorial wannabe Cynthia Villar jibes with the projection of 2012 Wealth Report that the Philippines will be the fastest growing economy between 2010 and 2050 based on its vaunted runaway population? Villar, a congresswoman who represents Las Pinas City, explained that being pro- life, in reference to the acrimonious Reproductive Health Bill that hit a snagged in congress, means the more Filipinos in the demography the more economic asset the country can derive from them.
HSBC, the multinational British bank, cited demographics and rising education standards to help the country grow by an average of 7% annually over the next 40 years in relation to the 2012 Wealth Report .
 Wealth Report, written by Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank, states that the Philippines is forecasted to post a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 7.3% during the period, making it the 6th fastest growing economy in the world.
 “Iyong maraming population, magiging market iyan sa isang domestic economy at maging world power India, China (a big population draws investors in the domestic economy just like world powers India and China now)”, she explained.
She said that the present demography of the Philippines has been neglected. “Thus, they did not progress and play a crucial role in the market economy,” she said in Filipino. The lady solon barnstormed again the vote rich province of Pangasinan last Thursday in a helicopter- hopping-fashion by speaking before the thousands of crowds here led by its Mayor Armando Domantay and in the towns of Mangaldan and Manaoag led by Mayors Herminio Romero and Napoleon Sales, respectively.
 Former congressman and Abono Party-list first nominee Conrad Estrella told the crowd that Villar has just enplaned from General Santos City from her speaking engagement in North Cotabato and immediately rode a chopper from Manila just to beat her speaking engagements in Pangasinan. Villar was accompanied by Estrella and Abono Party-list chairman Rosendo So in her three- town sorties.
The solon explained that in Las Pinas she significantly mitigated the garbage problem of the city through her pro-active program. She explained that to encourage participation of village officials there she dangled the incentive of investing in the rotary composter and the edifice to host the composting facility if the homeowner’s association or barangay would counterpart a suitable lot of around 36 square meters. According to VillarFoundation.Org, the program of Rep. Villar in Las Pinas complements the regular collection efforts of the City’s garbage trucks, “bio-men” conduct a door-to-door collection of the household wet garbage. “The wet garbage collected would pass through a mechanical presser present in every composting facility. The wet garbage would be pressed to remove the liquid content or the leachate.
The leachate then enters an enclosed container. In this container further anaerobic digestion occurs. From the bacteria, methane is produced which is the source of bio-gas. Besides the kitchen wastes of the households, coco peat is added into the compost mix. A composting machine is able to produce 1,000 kilos or one ton of compost per month. Today, there are a total of 47 rotary composters operating in 29 composting centers, providing livelihood to 141 families,” the website said..
Villar, in her speech in Manaoag, said that she been giving free fertilizers from the compost in Las Pinas to towns in Pangasinan. On the plastic litters that clog the drainage system that cause the recurring floods, Villar,who is the sister of Las Pinas Mayor Vergel Aguilar, told the crowd in Mangaldan that the composting facility there turns plastics into pellets that workers mix with materials for hollow blocks. "I can teach you how we do it in Las Pinas," she told the crowd.
The congresswoman got a rousing welcome from elective and appointive officials and residents of the three towns that converged in the town’s gym. Thousand of crowds in this town alone got excited after Estrella told them that government officials here would be invited by Villar in an all-expenses paid study tour in Las Pinas City to see its vaunted rotary composter and the composting facility funded by solon and husband Senator Manny. Estrella continued that the tour’s itinerary includes the Senate, and a visit to actor Willy Revillame’s nighttime show “Will Time Big Time” at TV-5 in Novaliches City. Villar daughter Camille is one of the hosts of the popular television show.

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