Monday, September 3, 2012

Braganza salutes Saltat, welcomes OIC-PNP chief

Mayor Hernani A. Braganza has thanked outgoing City Chief of Police-P/Supt. Rolie Saltat for his valuable contributions to the city and outstanding achievements during his stint here. “You have done a lot for the city of Alaminos and you will always be remembered as one of the better chief of police of our city. My congratulations to you,” he told Saltat in his speech during the simple turn-over rite last August 30, 2012 held at the Alaminos City Police Station (ACPO) grounds here, “I salute Col. Saltat not only as chief of police of our city but also as an officer and as a gentleman. During his (Col. Saltat) stint as chief of police, our city PNP has regained the trust and confidence of our citymates, he pointed out. “The biggest achievement of our city PNP and your former chief of police is that our citymates are now more vigilant and not afraid to report illegal activities and crimes to our lawmen. The city and myself will not be receiving many awards if not for your courage, and dedication to your duty, to our city and most of all to your country,” he added. Braganza said he always considered Saltat as a good friend, who will now serve as acting chief of the PNP Region 1’s Police Community Relations Division. “He did well as chief of police as he was able to solve major crimes. But beyond and more than that he was able to prevent crimes which are one of the huge tasks for the PNP, added the hardworking mayor. We will remain friends because he never put me in a compromising situation and I know my conscience is clean because I never ask him to do things that are against the law or his will.” Saltat, who has completed his 2-year tour of duty in the city, relinquished his post last August 3, 2012. He was replaced by P/Supt. Armando T. Muena who has assumed as OIC-City PNP Chief effective August 30. The change in command in the Alaminos City PNP was witnessed by PSSupt. Roman Felix, Deputy Regional Director for Administration; OIC PNP Provincial Chief, Mariano Verzosa Jr., City Administrator Wilmer Panabang, City Councilors Constante Carasi, Filemon Bacala, Jr. and Emerlina Ravarra, former City Councilor Ma. Angela Braganza and former City DILG Director Alice Bang-oa. Braganza has also extended warm reception to Col. Muena, who previously heads the Pre-Charge Evaluation and Investigation Section of PNP Region 1. “I welcome you in the city of Alaminos with open heart and half open wallet as our support from the city government,” he told the OIC chief of police as he jokingly explained that the remaining half of the support he needed should come from the PNP regional and provincial director. The mayor told Muena that Alaminos is orderly and his office will always be open to him. He added that he will try his best to support his efforts knowing that ACPO works round the clock in solving bad news and looking for good news by resolving cases. He said the city government is trying to build physical infrastructures like firing range to improve your skills and in the performance of your duties on top reloader that the city government has purchased and additional gasoline allowance. Braganza assured Muena that he will not ask him to do something against his will and principle or anything illegal even as he expressed confidence that after two years of his stint here, he will count him in as one of his friends. “Col. Muena, I appreciate your speech. You are one of the few whom I heard such kind of speech. I’m happy of what you have said because we in Alaminos never used our policemen for politics, he said. “I will not challenge you anymore. I’m sure with what you have said here and witnessed by your peers, you will be challenged by what you have said today.” He though requested Muena of one thing and that is for him to continue and institutionalize what his predecessors like the late Col. Lloyd Millan and Col. Saltat have done while reminding the new PNP chief that in Alaminos, there’s the so called “unwritten rule known as the no padrino system”. “I am confident that Muena will do will with the able support of his subordinates as well as the city government in making the job done for our people,” he noted. Speaking as the secretary general of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), Braganza also took the opportunity to remind the city’s law enforcers on the legacies of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo, also the former president of the LCP. “While we are here celebrating the turn-over, let as not also forget what Sec. Robredo have done for the PNP and the LGUs as well the lessons he left for us, said the chief executive. “Sec. Jess has raised the standard of good governance in our country and reminded us that we are part of a bigger family, that we are accountable to and are serving our boss- the Filipino people. Earlier, Muena in his speech thanked Mayor Braganza for choosing and giving him the chance to lead the City PNP of Alaminos and for helping him fulfill one of his dreams - to serve his home province of Pangasinan. “I’ve been guided by a principle and that is I always go on what I believe is just and right,” he continued even as he disclosed that he had never acted political favors for some political figures. “I certainly know that with the knowledge, experience and familiarity of my men of this beautiful city and by continuing what Col. Saltat has started which is to maintain peace and order he, we can continue building up the trust and confidence of our constituents to the PNP,” he said. Muena said he will initiate the formulation on an action plan on prevalent crimes and have it fully implemented and continue what his predecessors have started. He expressed optimism that their concerted efforts in the city PNP, will lead to the accomplishment of good things and would achieve their goal as police officers. “I am now here ready to face all the interesting challenges that come my way, he said. I will do my best to try justifying this trust bestowed in me and in contributing to the advocacy of this city,” he further quipped. In his message, Saltat said that he did all his best to serve the people in this city in the ways that police force can do and he has contributed in making Alaminos a better place to live in. “I am pleased to report that Alaminos City continues to be generally peaceful and orderly as a result of police-community partnership and intensified a coordinated crime prevention efforts,” he added. “As I leave here, I render my salute to the men and women of ACPO for their outstanding work ethics, devotion of your work and loyalty to your flag and country, their acts of heroism and daily task of serving and protecting the people of Alaminos.” Saltat also profusely thanked Mayor Braganza, whom he considered his idol and a true friend not only to him but to the city PNP. “Thank you Sir for your trust in me, for allowing me to serve your beloved citymates, and this beautiful city. Thank you sir for sharing to us your vision, your wisdom, and your deep commitment in the realization of peaceful and orderly Alaminos,” he told the third termer chief executive. (CIO)

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