Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA visit to Capitol

Lingayen – Better income opportunities await local producers of goods and products in the province as Pangasinan Brotherhood – United States of America (PB-USA), a conglomerate of US-based Pangasinense associations, vowed for a continuing partnership with the provincial government to help local producers penetrate the global market.

            In a courtesy visit to Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. on January 7, PB-USA Executive Vice-President Lino Caringal, who led a group of 25, assured continuing support and coordination with the local producers to further introduce and expose Pangasinan products in the US.

            “This is a long term undertaking. Our partnership is a continuous and progressive process between producers and buyers,” Caringal said.

It can be recalled that Governor Espino led a powerhouse team of promoters of Pangasinan products and investment opportunities that joined world economic and trade groups in the famous Diversity and Trade Exposition held in Artesia, California October last year.

Pangasinan-made goods and products were exhibited for the first time in said business exposition that drew thousands of US buyers, including importers and whole salers and top business entities and groups from all over the world that are also being eyed as possible business partners of the Pangasinan commerce and trade organizations.
Pangasinan’s participation in the California Business Exposition was initially worked on by PB-USA headed by former media and now business executive Eddie Ferrer.

In a letter sent to Governor Espino December last year, Ferrer thanked the present provincial administration for the constant support to the PB-USA for the ‘trade project’ that is aligned with the livelihood development thrust of the province.

            Assuring their commitment to the endeavor, Ferrer said that the Trade Task Force is silently and cautiously engaged in contacting US importers and buyers with various commodities realistically possible for our local producers to manufacture.

            “We integrated our next generation professionals whose individual talents will help a lot in this trade project,” Ferrer said as he disclosed that a special symposium will be held this year as an avenue to further introduce and expose Pangasinan-made products.

             Local producers will be invited to attend a symposium of buyers and exporters on the mid-2015 in the US while interested importers and buyers of Pangasinan products will be invited to look at the operations of the producers here in the province, Caringal said.

            Meanwhile, Neil Estrada, Associate Member of the PB-USA Trade Task Force, disclosed that the group has plans to showcase Pangasinan products on a US television network for advertising and marketing.

The provincial government, for its part, provides support to local producers and cooperatives through the Livelihood Assistance Program and Credit Surety Fund where they can avail of capital assistance for their livelihood ventures.

The trade project, Provincial Planning and Development Officer Benita Pizarro noted, is in line with the thrust of the province to help producers in the grassroots level by providing them avenues for better income opportunities.

            Owing to this, Caringal lauded the provincial government for reaching out to the entrepreneurs in the grassroots. “The platform of governance is there and the political will of the Governor is what’s important,” he added.

Governor Espino, in response, thanked the PB-USA for the sustained efforts to help local producers in the province even as he said that the province has already instituted positive developments in various areas of governance under his administration.

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