Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cayetano urges youth to fight for free college education

INB law just the beginning

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano  (2nd from right) gave P200,000  last January 24 to four transport
 organizations  in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan for his Presyo, Trabaho, Kita (PTK) – an anti -5/6 or
 usury program for the groups to invest to better their stocks. From 5th and 6th of the photo 

are the city's mayor Amadeo Gregorio E. Perez IV, Tagig City Mayor Lanny Cayetano - the 
senator's wife, and leaders of the transport groups. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA.

"The ultimate goal is have free tertiary education for all. But for now, funding the entire college dreams of qualified students under the Iskolar ng Bayan (INB) Act is the next big step."
Students of Pangasinan State University-Bayambang campus thank Senator Alan Peter Cayetano for explaining the mechanics and benefits of the Iskolar ng Bayan law that he authored.

Sen. Alan Peter S. Cayetano called on the youth to use all available legal means to pressure the national government to allocate funds in the coming years to bridge the gap in the recently enacted INB law, which unfortunately covers only the first year of tertiary education.

"While the INB is a giant leap in our history, the battle does not stop there. I encourage our students to use all means, especially the social media, to send a powerful message to the government: end corruption and pour more funds to education," Cayetano said.
Majority Floor Leader Senator Cayetano in a tête-à-tête with Mayor
Bobom Perez infront of the old city hall in Urdaneta City.

He also called on his colleagues in Congress who took part in seeing the measure through until it became law to consider expanding its coverage to include the succeeding years of a scholar's college life.
From Left: City Councilor Rio Esteves, Urdaneta City Mayor Perez, Tagig City Mayor Lanny Cayetano, and an unnamed City Councilor. MORTZ .C ORTIGOZA

"Imagine what happens if after the first year, the scholars are left to fend for themselves, especially the poor but deserving ones. What if they don't find other grants to continue on? Are we really ready to call the INB law a failure when the time comes?" Cayetano asked.

The senator said both the Executive and Legislative branches of government can bridge the gap, but it should again work together to come up with a solution to the shortcomings of the measure.

The Cayetano law mandates all SUCs to extend automatic admission and provide scholarship grants to the top 10 public high school students of their respective graduating classes. The scholarship grant, envisioned to give almost 80,000 students financial grants a year, covers the full amount of tuition and other school fees for the first year of college.

"Every high school student, especially those who will qualify as scholars under the INB for the next academic year, as well as their families, should pay their respective House representatives a visit and express their support for expanding the INB's coverage to include the succeeding years," Cayetano urged.

"Your voices, when in unison, is a powerful force. Use this youth power to fight for what we all believe is a right, not just a privilege."

As the principal author of the INB law, the senator has been going around campuses nationwide explaining the benefits of the measure and how it will allow a lot of  poor but deserving students pursue higher learning. ###

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