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Who's the Best McCartney or Lennon ?

The late John Lennon (L) in a huddle
 with fellow music genius Paul

What? Former Beatles Paul McCartney, a septuagenarian, released a new album last October 15 with a title, um, “New”.
Yes Virginia, according to a news article in Classicalite titled “Paul McCartney Talks ‘New’ 2013 Album on Howard Stern Show”,
“New” is a 12-song album which is McCartney, 71, first album of new solo material in six years.
As I heard it on YouTube (you can accessed the full album of  “New” at ) the songs have classic McCartney touch.
 How I wished McCartney returns in the Philippines I posted at the comment section of the article and at social media Face Book how I wished Paul and the band can still come, after his music tour in Japan in December this year, for the last time in the Philippines before the Almighty get him so he can have a rock and roll party in heaven with John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and Freddie Mercury of Queens.
 One of the countries Paul and his band toured earlier was Red Square Russia with one major fan there named Vladimir Putin , the Russian president, who relished the show when Paul sang his and John Lennon’s collaboration; “Back in USSR”.

Traumatic Visit of John and Paul in the Philippines
The last traumatic visit Paul and the Beatles in the Philippines was in July 1966 to promote the band’s "Revolver" album when they got the scared of their lives when the mob identified with the scorned First Lady Imelda Marcos chased them away and hurt some of their party members up to the Manila International Airport after the fabulous four rejected her breakfast reception invitation in the presidential palace Malacanang.
McCartney's 2013 "New" Song

This was what Wikipidea says about that Manila furor: “After the snub was broadcast on Philippine television and radio, all of their police protection disappeared. The group and their entourage had to make their way to Manila airport on their own. At the airport, road manager Mal Evans was beaten and kicked, and the band members were pushed and jostled about by a hostile crowd. Once the group boarded the plane, (manager) Brian Epstein and Evans were ordered off, and Evans (fearing he would be imprisoned or executed) said, "Tell my wife that I love her."Epstein was forced to give the tax authorities £6,800 worth of Philippine peso notes from the Manila shows, and had to sign the tax bond verifying the exchange before being allowed back on the plane. Upon leaving the country, band members publicly expressed resentment at their treatment, with John Lennon saying "If we go back, it will be with an H-bomb. I won't even fly over the place”. “I’ll not go back in that country again “ Paul was quoted to say. too.

 Who's Who: John Lennon or Paul McCartney? 
Oh, to those who wanna know if who’s the best among the duo – Lennon or McCartney?
For me the duo is incomparable. They are like Orange and Apple.
If Lennon has his Come Together, Day Tripper, Free as a Bird (Beatles composition found in 1995), I am the Walrus, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, In My Life, the scintillating and psychedelic Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (LSD song he he), Mean Mr. Mustard (one of my favorites), Polythene Pam, Revolution (where I learned my Political Science 101 just like his solo “Imagine”), I Will, Strawberry Fields Forever (one of my favorites), to name a few, McCartney has his Eleanor Rigby, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band (yes man, it’s a McCartney composition not a Lennon opus, its album with the same title, dubbed as the best album of the century while Queens Bohemian Rhapsody was the best single of the century), She came into the Bathroom Window (one of my favorites), Long and Winding Road, The End (the last song of the Beatles in their last Album “Abbey Road”. Ya darlin’ “Abbey Road” was the last album and not “Let it Be” album), Yellow Submarine (in collaboration with Lennon) , Back in the USSR, Golden Slumber , Got to Get you in My Life (revived by Earth, Wind, & Fire), Hello, Goodbye, Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Magical Mystery Tour, Maxwell Silver Hammer (my favorite), Michelle, Oh Darling, Paper Back Writer, to name a few.
 Don’t you know that in that Stern’s interview, Howard asked the former Beatles that his composition Helter-Skelter was the linchpin for the birth of acid rock?
 Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:
 Stern: You know your song ‘Helter Skelter (released in 1968),’ people have said, and I wonder if you agree with this, people have said that this was the beginning of heavy metal. Do you buy into that?”
 McCartney: “I will buy that theory. Um, you know I don’t think of it like that. But when you look back at that period, I can not remember anyone else who was doing that. It was before Led Zeppelin.”

 To rephrase Genesis 1:1 Initially all was dark, until McCartney said, "Let there be Helter-Skelter" (v. 3). Days Two and Three saw Led Zepellin, AC-DC, Metallica, Scorpions, Nazarette and other acid rock groups emulate the new genre of rock and roll pioneered by the Beatles. 

For the disciples of rock and roll, here's Helter-Skelter for you to kowtow one more time:
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