Monday, September 19, 2011

How Pacquaio fares after Mayweather's 4-round dominance of Ortiz

Holly Molly, what a fight! WBC Super-welterweight champ Victor Ortiz headbutted challenger Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The latter used sly by hugging him at the remaining seconds of the 4th Round by unleashing a flushing left hook and a staggering straight right to the chin of the unwary Mexican descent warrior who caused his knocked out. But Victor is a lucky guy, Mayweather said he would give him a rematch. If Ortiz earns $2.6 Million in this freakin' tussle, he'll be earnin' a windfall in the second rumble. But before that the juiciest mega-million of dollars fight between Floyd and Pound-for-Pound king Manny Pacquiao should take the center stage first. The Ortiz rematch could wait in the sideline for the meantime. Business strategy dictates that a win or loss of Floyd to Manny could not affect much the stocks of the former to Ortiz. Unlike the financial backlash it gives to the coffer of the Mayweather-Pacquaio tussle if promoters insist for a Mayweather-Ortiz rematch soon.
Moreover, Mayweather's verbal exchanged with HBO's anchor Larry Merchant about the propriety of Floyd actions helps hype his tiff with Manny.
Top Rank and ABC TV are smiling these days.
The spoiler here, anyway, is when the Camp of Ortiz will question the victory of Mayweather at the Nevada Athletic Commission. Remember, referee Joe Cortez did not ask both fighters "to box" or to start fighting in that remaining seconds of the round. The ref did not even see Mayweather hits Ortiz. He just saw Ortiz fell on the canvas.
But to those who scored that short four-round fight, probably just like me, you gave all the rounds to Money May.
Jesus Christ, the Nevada resident exudes superiority. He stands tall by bobbling, and weaving in front of a dangerous but seemingly surprised knock-out artist Ortiz in the entirety of the rounds.
Mayweather's chutzpah before the KO makes a lot of Pacquaio watchers reevaluate the chance of the former to defeat the latter.
If they thought Mayweather would be annihilated by Pacquaio, the first four rounds of the Mayweather - Ortiz fight could probably give them some answers.
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