Monday, July 23, 2012

Mangaldan benefits from Economic Manna

MANGALDAN- The mayor of this burgeoning town said that because of the converging of factors this municipality will be a beneficiary of economic windfall. Mayor Herminio Romero said that because of the economic spillover in nearby urbanized Dagupan City, this town will become a host to investors who want to put shop here. “Nandiyan na iyan. Ang sinabi ko ngayon ay palapit ng palapit ang spill-over kaya isagad at paluwagin na ang kalsada. Pati drainage, isagad na rin para maluwag ang flow ng transportation and traffic,” he stressed. He explained that if the highway is wide, businessmen follow suit by putting shops in this town. Eng. Rodolfo “Boy” Dion, chief of the 2nd Engineering District of the Department of Public Works & Highway, said that the national government through the DPWH has started to construct the concreting of the shoulder of the road from this town proper to Brgy. Anolid. Dion explained that his men would have their hands full supervising the private contractor who would be re-blocking and concreting the highway there until November this year.

Romero said the comparative advantage of this town against Dagupan City: “The latter is flood prone”. He chuckled in citing that there is no recurring flood in this town compared to the nearby city. He said he sees to it that infrastructure projects like dikes are being followed up in Manila for their immediate implementation here. The mayor proudly declared that he is bent in putting integrated public schools in far flung area. The latest of these edifices are already built in Barangays Bantayan and Gueguesangen. Because of the access of these schools to the populace many parents send their children there. “They (students) used to spend P40 a day to study in a far-away schools before this school in Brgy. Gueguesangen has been constructed”. He said more schools mean more investors who will put colleges. The multiplier effects of this phenomenon, Romero continued, will be more restaurants, more boarding houses, and more consumption of goods and services just like in Dagupan City (MCO).

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