Monday, November 19, 2012

Solar panels can lower electric bills

By Mortz C. Ortigoza MANGALDAN – A Pangasinan engineer has an answer on reducing the high cost of power which eats a significant part of family’s incomes and one of the most expensive electricity rates in the world. Engineer O.J Conte said the solar panel he introduces to local government unit and the private sector could dramatically lower ones power consumption. “Halimbawa, one kilowatt or 1000 watt na aircon, kung ang ginagastos ng solar is 40 percent, iyong 60 percent ibibigay ng Cenpelco (Central Pangasinan Electric Cooperative). Kung pino-produce ng solar mo is 80 percent, 20 percent si Panelco (Pangasinan Electric Cooperative) Kung pino-produce mo 100%, makikita mo yan sa metro,” he explained. He said his illustration is supported by Republic Act 9513 that has been approved in 2009. RA 9513 is an act promoting the development, utilization, and commercialization of renewable energy resources and for other purposes. Conte, who demonstrated his solar panel before municipal officials here, said despite the initial cost of the panels, the local government units will eventually be freed them from inflationary prices of electricity. “Five years ago nine pesos per –kilowatt- hour, now it is about P13, five years from now it will be P17. However, if you install solar energy now, no more (problem for the expensive power). We or you are free from that power rate problem.” He said RA 9513 has not been fully exploited in the country and that it was only the foreign businessmen who exploited it to their advantage. “Why not put solar (panel) to the hands of the people?”he posed. He supports House Bill of Rep. Teodoro Casino which aims for every households and commercial establishments able to own a solar power system. Conte, who worked at the Sual coal-fired power plant before in Pangasinan, said he saw the future of the panel just like in Israel and Germany. “It will also help plenty of people who are paying their ever increasing electricity rate not only here but also government who are paying this all-time high electricity, he said. (You can contact Mr. Conte at 09213905086).

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