Saturday, June 24, 2017


Binalonan Mayor Mon Mon Guico says that the opening last Thursday of the Jollibee Food Store in his town is the biggest Jollibee in the North Luzon Areas. Among the Jollibee franchised and corporate run food stores from Bulacan province to Ilocos Norte Province and Baguio City this one in Binalonan is the biggest that gears to serve commuters and motorists that travel in this route. The food store, according to the mayor, is operated by Jollibee Food Corporation. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA
 Binalonan Mayor Mon Mon Guico (center), Vice Mayor Mel Patague, and a media man during the opening last Thursday of the biggest Jollibee Food Store in North Luzon.

The new Land Bank extension in Binalonan. Mayor Guico said that he was informed by the Bank’s officials that the bank would be converted later on as a branch from its present extention status of LBP-Urdaneta City. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

Bullets riddled BIR’s boss car blamed on steep tax collection

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ALAMINOS CITY – Was the bullets riddled car of the chief of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Western Pangasinan happened because of excessive taxes being billed by that office to taxpayers?
An agent of a bookkeeping company, who asked anonymity, commented that the countless bullet holes that peppered the body and side glass window of the government issued red Innova multi-purpose vehicle to Revenue District Office -5 Chief Thelma D. Mangio last May was blamed on the tax agency officials’ excessive exaction of taxes.
BIR billed taxpayers with taxes like income, capital gain, estate, donor, and others.
The car, according to BIR insiders, was shot by unidentified gunman sometime in May this year while it was parked at the periphery of the BIR office in this city. No one was inside the car during the incident.

BULLET HOLES. The bullets riddled Toyota Innova car of Revenue District Office Chief Thelma D. Mangio of the Bureau of Internal Revenue based in Alaminos City. The car, according to BIR insiders, was shot by unidentified gunman sometime in May this year while it was parked at the periphery of the BIR office in this city. Bullet holes are covered by a brown packaging tape in this photo. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

 “Sinisingil ng BIR officials doon iyong old taxes sa bago at mataas na zonal valuation na dapat e implement lang noong May 31,” she said.
The three Revenue District Offices in Pangasinan have spiked the zonal valuation after it underwent a public hearing last November last year.
Zonal valuation is used by the BIR officials to compute the proper taxes taxpayers should be paying the government in transactions like sale and transfer of real properties.

Friday, June 23, 2017

We Are Screwed If They Prevail

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

The acrimonious debate on the 1.2 hectares land donated to the local government of Dagupan City and the plan of the powers that be to relocate the new city hall at the PEZA (pssst, they call it Philippine Economics Zone Authority) approved growth area in Pantal-Lucao Road expose the idiotic, the stupid, and the nuisance wannabe critics who opposed these development.
Image result for politically incorrect
Some of their comments that proliferate on social media that pollute the minds of the gullible:
“The relocation of the city hall would financially burden the residents of Eastern Barangays like Tebeng, Tambac, Mangin, others”. “Motorized tricycle rides of those who have transaction with the officials at the city hall would be burdensome because of the perennially prohibitive charges by trike drivers”.
“Overcharging tricycle drivers for that almost two kilometers ride from the old city hall would surely punish Dagupenos?”

MY ANSWER: These scenarios could not happen because the new growth area, already approved by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), would give opportunity for the local government to pass a law for a new franchise for public utility jeep to have a new route from the old city to the new city hall and the new business establishments there vice versa.
“Even franchise of taxi just like in Iloilo City, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, and Cebu City would be opened because of the additional stretch of business zones brought by the growth areas and the multiplier effects they bring. 
One of the examples here is the 5,000 jobs to be offered by the Business Process Outsourcing-Information Technology (BPO-IT), the vaunted Sunshine Industry of the Philippines, in the next three years after these BPO-ITs put shops there,” I told recently my radio tandem Harold Barcelona.
The additional jeepney fares of those residents of the Eastern Villages in going to and from the new city hall and the commercial areas are miniscule price for the jobs and other economic oppurtunities for Dagupenos.
Moreover, the migration of the new city hall would decongest the decades long traffic snarl in the old city.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Marawi, arawi!

MAPANGANIB na lugar sa ngayon ang Marawi, pati ang Kapitolyo ng Lanao Sur. Pero, ang bawi ng mga Pangasinense, ‘arawi’ so Marawi!
HIDWAAN sa ipinaglalaban ang digmaang nagaganap sa Marawi, ayon na rin sa mga naihahayag sa balita. Pero, ang tantiya ng mga Pangasinense, ‘arawi’ ed paninisiya so gapu (malayo sa paniniwala o belief).

MAHIWAGA raw ang lokal na rebelde na ngayon ay pumepeste sa kabuhayan, kabahayan, katiwasayan at katwiran ng Marawi, dahil sa konting-bilang kontra Military ay perwisyo-todo ang isusukli sa labanan. Pero, mas mahiwaga raw ang mga Pangasinense, kasi ‘arawi’ so Marawi sa kanila.

PAGLABAN na walang katiyakan ang ibinubuyangyang ng gulo na inumpisahan ng mga rebelde sa Marawi. Pero, ang ipinaglalaban na laban ay ‘arawi’ ed karunungan say nga ng mga ilan na Pangasinense!

So far ang marawi, arawi so Marawi, so pray for Marawi!
Araw ni Rizal, bumati ka ba?

HAPPY FATHER’s day! Maugong na pagbati tuwing sumasapit ang linggo na alinsabay sa kaarawan ni Gatpuno Jose Rizal.
Si Jose Rizal ay turing na pambansang bayani. Habang ang father ay pam-pamilyang bayani.
Kailan nga ba ang birthday ni National hero Jose Rizal? Eh, kailan kinikilala ang kadakilaan ni Itay, Tatay, Papa, Daddy o Ama ng Pamilya?
Sabi nga, bumati ka ba kay Jose Rizal? Kay Ama na pinagmulan may inilaan bang pagbati?
Ewan kung maaantig ang iyong kamalayan na kung bakit isinabay ang Father’s Day sa Jose Rizal’s birthday, bakit nga ba?
Teka, alam mo ba talaga ang iyong hero na maituturing, Ask lang?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mangaldan vigorously implements No Smoking Law in public

                                No Smoking Areas
By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – “Smoker Beware!"
This first class town had just implemented President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order against cigarette smoking but would enforce it in all public places here.
Fernando Saguisag “Adje” Cabrera, administrative officer of the local government here, said its implementation would not give any exception like smoking areas in public places here.
“As of now wala na talaga. Kung talagang bawal, bawal na siyempre”.
Image result for no smoking philippines 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte and Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe
D. Parayno hated cigarette smoking.Photo Credit:

 Favradio Global News Center
 Cabrera stressed that in 2015 the administration of Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno had passed and signed into law an ordinance against cigarette smoking but would vigorously implement it after President Rodrigo Duterte signed an Executive Order 26 banning smoking.
The president signed last May 16 the executive order banning smoking in all public places and prohibiting cigarette consumption by minors.
Cabrera said the fines for violator are P200 , P300, and P1,000 for the first, second, and third offenses respectively.

“Inalis na iyong community service dahil bawal na iyan, “he cited. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

De Venecia urges youth to be part of global network for peace

DAGUPAN CITY—A Pangasinan lawmaker said that for peace-building to be inclusive, it has to actively include the youth.

Speaking on the role of youth and students in creating a culture of sustainable peace at the inauguration of the network of Youth and Students for Peace at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand on June 12, Pangasinan Fourth District Representative Christopher de Venecia said the youth have a special role in building peace, lasting peace, here and around the world.

In the Philippines, our government has been engaged in formal peace talks with various armed groups for over decades now, he said.
He added that the mere mention of “peace talks” evokes the image of old men and women sitting across each other, trying to figure out what commonalities they share which would serve as a place from which to start.
 “When it comes to peace, our young men and women are left out of the conversation — and, as studies have shown, that is often the case in many countries around the world,” he said.
He pointed out that political power, whether inside or outside the realms of peace and peace negotiations, tend to be capitalized by adults or elders.
De Venecia said as early as 2014, the United Nations noted that there are more young people in the world than ever before.
“At 1.8 billion, we are seeing the largest global youth population in the history of humankind,” he said.
He added, “The flipside is this – young people often form the majority of the population in conflict-affected countries. The world’s youth is directly affected —and that means that stakes are higher for us to get involved”.
He pointed out that because success in building peace depends so much on inclusiveness, “we can only ignore the youth at our own peril”.
He said this would involve a bottoms-up approach – where the imperative is that “I don’t know, but I want to find out.”

DTI launches 'Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso' program in Pangasinan

Marawi kids find home in Urdaneta school

by Venus May H. Sarmiento
URDANETA CITY -  The Urdaneta I Central School in eastern Pangasinan is now the second home of at least 12 students from embattled Marawi City, upon their transfer to this province.
School Principal Dr. Robert Tababa said the pupils, whose age bracket range from seven to 12 years old, were warmly welcomed by the school despite the lack  of  school credentials like birth certificates and report cards.
“May Department of Education policy tayo na i-accept ang mga bata maski walang credentials kung may nangyaring kalamidad sa kanila either man-made o natural. Kaya itong mga bata na sinabi ng kanilang mga kamag-anak na galing sa Marawi ay andito ngayon,” Tababa told the Philippine Information Agency (PIA).
Tababa said the pupils, who were mostly girls, were just interviewed and were asked their names and grade levels. Their credentials could be traced through the Learners’ Information System of DepEd. Some,  however, could not recall  the name of their school in Marawi and their principal’s name. 
Most of the children were enrolled by their relatives residing in Urdaneta and the children’s parents went back to Marawi, he said. 
The principal  said the transferees will not have a hard time blending well with Pangasinenses because they can speak good Filipino (Tagalog).
Brothers Hamza and Hizam (surname withheld), two of the pupils who transferred to Urdaneta,  are now in Grade 2.  
They said their parents brought them to Pangasinan because “may barilan sa Marawi”. Based on their stories, their school named Pilot Central School, was bombed and their aunt’s house was rained with bullets.
Grade 2 teacher Analyn Dela Cruz said she didn't see any trace of trauma among her students even if they came from a conflict-torn city. 
“Ok naman sila at magagalang. Sila pa nga ang leader-leader sa classroom kasi magaling sila. Kahit transferees, very good sila.” Dela Cruz told PIA. (VHS/PIA-Pangasinan)


 Manlingkor ya Kalangweran young city mayor Jilian Kay Madison S. Fernandez cuts the ceremonial ribbon with DepEd Supervisor Venus Estonillo formally opening the Kakanen Trade Fair at the CSI Atrium on June 10. Also in photo are City Social Welfare and Development Officer Leah Aquino (2nd from left), City Health Officer Dr. Ophelia Ticsay Rivera (right), newly-promoted SDS Diosdado Cayabyab (2nd right) and Epee Rafanan (3rd right). (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nonsense arguments!

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

A critic should not only be a critique just to be called a critic, he should critique intelligently.
Here’s an example how shallow if not stupid the critics of Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez when her brother Kerwin donated a 1.2 hectares of land to the local government as situs for government building.
Image result for stupid
They said the market peso value of the donated lot is not sixty million pesos but could reach up to four hundred million pesos.
In short, they insinuated the donor underpriced the property.
My Answer: The prices are immaterial. The land, for Christ sake, was being donated to the city government. It means it was given for free otherwise we would be applying for loans at the bank to buy a lot and will be paying the amortization for years at the expense of our funds for social service.
Even a top brass of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Central Pangasinan told me that the donation by the donor to the government is not even taxable.
The purpose of the absence of the 30 percent tax to the zonal valuation of the property given as “gift” is to encourage people like Kerwin to give to the “cash-strapped” government.
It’s benevolence,” as what Councilor Jigs Seen, the brother-in-law of the mayor told the members of the August Chamber why he voted “yes” to empower the city mayor to accept the donation.
Son of a gun Jigs, because of your “benevolence or compassion term I remembered the Americans who want to educate us in the early 1900s colonization.
The Yanks’ high officials in P.I, not P__ng Ina but Philippine Islands, argued for appropriation in the U.S Congress to help us flips, er, Filipinos’ in the name of  Benevolent Assimilation.
Now, my favorite DVD seller Datu Odtog Ramanam Amin asked me what in heaven “Assimilation” was. I surreptitiously whispered to him he could buy it at the malls.

One of the critics said that the area where the city hall will rise will undermine the grandeur of the fishponds that made Dagupan City’s famous.

My Answer: What grandeur?  That imagined grandeur of the fishpond could not substitute for the nagging economic problems of Dagupenos to find jobs and wiggle from the going hellish traffic congestion around the old city hall.
The Lucao-Pantal Road where the city hall and the commercial growth centers would provide Dagupenos with the projected 5000 jobs from Business Process Outsourcing –Information Technology, and other investors to be brought by the likes of  Kapideco (Ayala Project) Estates, SM Properties, and the Megaworld, and others just like the burgeouning city of Iloilo .
Moreover, Councilor Seen told me the affected area covered by one of the three growth areas by the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of the local government composed only 10 percent of the entire fishponds in the entire topography of the city.
Gee whizzzz, how could that imagined grandeur massage the ego of those unemployed and those who are bitching and bellyaching in the middle of the traffic congestion?
That grandeur crap only protects the fishpond owners who are modicum in our entire local population.
Back off critics, we are talkin’ here about the 5000 jobless and the multi-plier effects that situs would give us!

Another argument: Relocation of the city hall to the donated lot of Kerwin Fernandez only worsen the plight of the residents of Eastern Barangays Tambac, Tebeng, Mamalingling, Mangin, and others because they would be doubling their fares on public utility jeeps in going to the new city hall.
My Answer: That’s bullshit! Are we going to allow ourselves to be hostaged by that ‘stupid” argument that because a few portion of the population would be doubling their eight pesos fare in going to the new city we better scrapped the relocation of the government building that would stimulate growth for the majority of the population?

 (You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at

Prepare yourselves for Brgy Polls - Solon

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

LINGAYEN - A congressman exhorted village officials who want to run for the barangay election this coming October to prepare since there are no debates on bills that will empower President Rodrigo Duterte to postphone the poll.
As of now wala akong personal knowledge. Kung meron man dapat it has to be done and should be prioritized kasi malapit na ang October ang election,” Pangasinan Second District Representative Leopoldo Bataoil cited.
Image result for barangay election 2017
Barangay election in the Philippines, according to law, provides that each village includes a chief called Punong Barangay, the seven members of the Council called each as Kagawad, and the Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman who are candidates submit themselves for a fifteen days campaign period.
In March this year, Surigao del Norte 2nd District Representative Robert Ace Barbers filed the first bill that would postpone the village polls originally set for October 23, 2017.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Veems suspect mayors cheat them on gambling payolas

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Some town vice mayors in Pangasinan smarted of being deprieved by their mayors on their payolas from gambling operator.
A vice mayor, who asked anonymity, said despite the law on Small Time Lottery that only three percent of the total gross receipts of the bets in his town goes to the public treasury, he and the other vice mayors suspected that operators of the STL, a government sanctioned number games, in their areas have another illegal list on bettors where their mayors continue to receive a percentage.
Image result for stl jueteng
Small Time Lottery's papelito and STL's logo.
Photo Credit: Veritas
In a letter earlier sent to Pangasinan's mayors by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s General Manager Alexander Balutan said that “additonal revenues for the the game are also intended to benefit the Municipality of xxx by the allocation of 3.00% from the gross sales of the STL operation in your area of jurisdiction”.
The vice mayors and the councilors of a town or city and the chief of police there were no longer given a percentage on the gross collection of the PCSO oversees STL.
The outwitted vice mayor said that he and other vice mayors had a conversation with another vice mayor in a meeting who told them that he continues to receive his share from his mayor.
The smarting vice mayor said he and his fellow vice mayors would expose this to the media this shenanigan perpetrated by the mayors after they could gather strong evidences that there is another list for the operator of the STL.
There are two franchisees of STL who squabble for official recognition in the 44 towns and 4 cities’ Pangasinan.
“I thought President (Rodrigo) Duterte wanted to eradicate illegal gambling like jueteng and Meridiane, but it seems illegal number game is still perpetrated in the same places?” he posed to reporters.
The vice mayor said that he has no problem of the three percent share from STL that goes to the public coffer but would be affronted if his mayor receives payolas from an illegal list of the cobradores or collectors of the number game.
During Meridiane Vista Gaming Corporation (MVGC) , every vice mayor in Pangasinan was given a montly 1.5 %, the same 1.5% with the chief of police while the mayor got 7% monthly of the gross collection,”he stressed.
He explained that during that time his 1.5% supposedly translates to more than P200, 000 monthly where the mayor deducted P90, 000 for the nine municipal councilors who received P10, 000 each monthly while he was given P50,000.
The mayor was already cheating me by more than P60, 000 monthly but I kept mum on it,” he deplored.
But with the suspected stunt being done by the mayors, he said he and his fellow vice mayors are in a bind presently because they could not give anything to indigents who go to their houses and offices for alms.
“My almost P60, 000 pay monthly salary was gone two days after I received it. I gave them to the needy”.
He denied when asked that the vice mayor who was given a montly share by the mayor in another town enjoyed the perks because illegal operator runs bookie or guerilla in that municipality.

I was told there was none. Even in my town it was only STL that operates”.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


 DAGUPAN CITY – Meat vendors and butchers support the city’s proposal to build its own modern abattoir as outlined by Mayor Belen T. Fernandez during a one-day seminar on hygienic handling practices of meat products for meat handlers at the museum on June 15.

Image result for modern abattoir
Modern Abattoir in another country

The seminar was facilitated by the City Veterinary Office in cooperation with the National Meat Inspection Service with Regional Director Dr. Eduardo Oblina, Senior Meat Control Officers Dr. Jorge Bacani and Dr. Cherry Ann Javier as resource speakers.

Councilor Dennis Canto, the city council’s chairman on market, was also present along with Dr. Michael P. Maramba of the City Veterinary Office.

Fernandez said that under the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Ordinance covering the period 2015-2025, the city has already identified a possible site for the city’s slaughter house, a project that could be possibly implemented in 2018.

“We will allocate P30 million budget for the purchase of a lot and the construction of the slaughter house next year and we will make sure that this will be a model abattoir in the province of Pangasinan,” disclosed Fernandez.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

LTO Chief Clears Self on Extortion Raps

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The chief of the Land Transportation Office here absolved himself on the issue of extortion perpetrated by personnel of the LTO.
You ask the team leader of the “flying” squad in the regional office so you can confirm the veracity of the accusation,” retorted by this city’s LTO’s District Chief Richard Agbayani to media men who asked his comment on the charge.
This city's LTO chief reaction was taken after a driver of the Downtown Loop plying public utility jeep (PUJ) complained at Sonshine Radio about the illegal stickers sold by the association president and the LTO to drivers to insulate them from harassment by LTO’s “flying” squad.

The yellow sticker is stamped conspicuously at the windshield of every PUJs’ drivers and operators who submit with this racket.
PEACE. Dagupan City's Land Transportation Office
Chief Richard Agbayani shows a peace sign
after his interview with a radio announcer.

Agbayani cited he has no hands there because he is only relegated for office’s duty.
Ang concentration natin sa opisina natin pag process ng mga license, mga registration. Pag tungkol diyan sa mga collection hinde ko alam kung ano iyan,” he stressed.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


DAGUPAN CITY – At least 7,000 Dagupeños, including school children and high school students from the different schools in the city, joined the historical platinum unity fun run dubbed as Batik Ulopan along the De Venecia Expressway Extension in the early morning of    June 9.
PLATINUM UNITY RUN – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez (5th from left, front row) joins some
7,000 Dagupeños who joined the historical platinum unity fun run dubbed as Batik Ulopan
along the De Venecia Expressway Extension in the early morning of June 9. (CIO photo
 by Jojo Tamayo)

From the foot of the Pantal Bridge at Barangay Pantal, the runners raced up to the CSI The City Mall helipad where everybody were given free Pocari Sweat to quenched their thirst.
Batik Ulopan is just one of the several activities prepared by the 70th Agew na Dagupan Committee chaired by Schools Division Superintendent Froserfina J. Bravo with Mayor Belen T. Fernandez as Executive Chairman.
Students from different universities and colleges including government employees, different government and non-government agencies joined the fun run.
Mayor Fernandez is thankful for the good weather condition and the participation of many Dagupeños in the unity fun run.
“We will make a compilation of these events for future generations to know and learn what we did during the 70th year of our city,” said Fernandez. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/June 9, 2017)

Solons inspect dev’t projects in north Luzon

DAGUPAN CITY - In a bid to personally oversee where the government fund is going, some 85 members of the House of Representatives embarked on a five-day journey to North Luzon to inspect development projects in the regions.
Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
Members of the 17th Congress prepare to partake the sumptuous lunch prepared by
the family of former Speaker Joe de Venecia at their palatial home in the
coastal village of Dagupan City.
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Majority Floor Leader Rododlfo Farinas led the large group of congressmen in the inspection tour in La Union. Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, Benguet, Isabela and Pangasinan from June 1 to 6. 
Alvarez said the inspection and familiarization tour is a first in the history of the Congress and is eyeing to institutionalize the inspection every time the House prepares for budget approval.
“Minarapat namin na makita ang kundisyon ng mga probinsiya para malaman natin kung ano ba talaga ang kailangan sa isang lugar  o tama ba ang pinaglalaanan ng pondo ng ating gobyerno bago natin i-approve and budget,” Alvarez told newsmen during their stop in Dagupan City where Fourth District Representative Christoffer De Venecia, along with his parents, former Speaker Jose de Venecia ,Jr and former Rep Gina De Venecia, hosted lunch for the group.

Friday, June 9, 2017


The construction of the hundred million pesos’ Sinocalan Bridge in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan is a disappointment before the eyes of the users and the town mayor.

Mayor Carlito Zaplan assailed the private contractor'sNorthern Builder and the 4th Engineering Office of the Department of Public Works & Highway’s botched and shoddy construction of the bridge when they negligently leave a mound of soil, sand and gravel, and other construction materials at the left side of the river thus preventing the ingress of the water that flow instead to the right side and destroy through its impact the slope protection materials of the river bank on the right side of the picture. Recently, the contractor and the office of then DPWH 4th Engineering Office’s District Engineer Marietta B. Mendoza drew flaks from the media after cracks were found on the middle pavement of the bridge that was just constructed more than a year ago.MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

SUBSTANDARD PROJECT. The Department of Public Works & Highway closed
 a portion of the Sinocalan Bridge because of this crack in the middle of the bridge.
 The multi-million pesos bridge was just opened to the public a year ago.
 The substandard work allegedly done by Northern Builders based in Tarlac
 City showed a very thin cement pavement that exposes the iron grills.
PHOTO CREDIT: Northern Watch Newspaper.

Bayambang has biggest budget among towns in P'sinan

                                                Thanks to mega projects

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BAYAMBANG – Because of the huge projects put by the mayor of this burgeoning town, it has the biggest annual appropriation budget compared to all the 44 towns in the mammoth Province of Pangasinan.
According to Mayor Cezar Quiambao, this year’s budget is P412 million while last year’s appropriation was P435 million.
COUPLE. Bayambang, Pangasinan Mayor Cezar Quiambao and
 actress-wife Nina Jose-Quiambao. Photo Credit: Flickr

First class and large towns like Malasiqui, Mangaldan, and Sta. Barbara have only an average annual appropriation fund of more than P257 million this year.
When he assumed office in July 1 last year, Quiambao cited that the budget of his predecessor former Mayor Ricardo Camacho was P220 million only.
He said the P38 million Development Fund from that budget deducted by the amortization of this town’s loan of P23 million contracted by Camacho would be too measly for any relevant project.
“Binago ko iyong (2016 budget) because itong twenty percent mandatory Development Fund supposedly P38 million 2016 budget binawas iyong pambayad sa utang which is around P23 million, P13 million sa Development Fund’s budget binago ko iyan. P38 million 100 percent sa barangays’development. P13 million ginawa kung P38 million for barangay roads lahat diyan 20,000 square meters na iyan,” he stressed.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez is hoping that the Department of Education (DepEd) will grant her request for the extension of Schools Division Superintendent Froserfina J. Bravo's tour of duty for one and a half more years in Dagupan City.
Image result for Lorna G. Bugayong
Dr. Lorna Bugayong

This is in lieu of the appointment of a new superintendent when the schools opened its classes on June 5. 

Fernandez is making the request in order not to affect preparations of the city’s 70th year anniversary as Bravo is the chairman of the city's platinum anniversary celebration.

Reports have reached Fernandez that DepEd has appointed a new Schools Division Superintendent with a CESO ranking in the person of Dr. Lorna G. Bugayong to take the place of Bravo.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DFA Adds Data Capture Machines to Speed Up Passport Application Processing

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) added fifteen (15) data capture machines to speed up the passport application processing in its consular office at ASEANA complex.

Image result for dfa secretary cayetano
Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano
“We’ve added 15 machines for data capture. We can now process 1,000 passports more a day.” Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said as he visited DFA-ASEANA Consular office to inspect the newly installed workstations, two weeks after he assumed office.

He cited that the provision of additional machines is expected to increase the “acceptance” capacity of the ASEANA Consular Office by 30%.