Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Duterte clears Cong Espino from Narc Matrix

I am humbled by the pronouncement of the President today on clearing my involvement on the alleged drug matrix released last August 25, 2016.
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President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday apologized to former Pangasinan Governor Amado 
Espino Jr. and two other Pangasinan officials after he linked them to the illegal drug 
trade several weeks ago. PHOTO CREDIT: GMA-7
I kept my silence for the past three weeks as I know beyond reasonable doubt that I am not guilty of this allegation. More so, when I had the opportunity last August 30, 2016 for a meeting with the President, he promised me to have the matrix revalidated by the proper authorities. Although my family and the people of Pangasinan were saddened by this unprecedented accusation, we remained steadfast on our respect and high regard on the discretion of the President and relied completely on his promised revalidation.

Today, September 27, 2016, my family, friends and the people of Pangasinan would like to express our gratitude to the President for being a true leader and a gentleman. He has my highest esteem for the courageous and bold statement of apology on clearing my name, Raffy Baraan and Raul Sison. Let me reassure the President of my sincere and relentless support on his anti-drug and peace and order campaign which had always been my campaign message for the past six elections. Again, I am so humbled and thank the President, the concerned authorities for this much awaited relief.

God Bless our country


Sen. Grace Poe today said the government must focus on programs to arrest malnutrition and hunger as a way to invest in the nation's human capital, hand-in-hand with the ongoing battle to ensure peace and order.

Poe joined anti-hunger advocates and stakeholders at the Anti-Hunger Summit in Ateneo de Manila in Quezon City to strengthen public-private collaboration in helping provide solutions to the “real problem” of hunger.

"Kung gaano kasigasig ang pamahalaan laban sa droga, hinihiling ko na kasunod nito, gutom naman ang ating wakasan. Kung all-out ang gobyerno sa droga, all-out war sa gutom naman ang isunod natin," Poe said in the event organized by the Gawad Kalinga (GK) and Ateneo de Manila.

Cayetano refutes Trillanes on Matobato testimony: "It's full of half-truths and hearsay"

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano chided Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for insisting on the credibility of self-confessed Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato, pointing out that the witness’ testimony against President Rodrigo Duterte is riddled with “half-truths and mere hearsay.”
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Trillanes delivered a privilege speech on Monday (September 26) to disprove the inconsistencies of Matobato’s accounts during the Committee on Justice and Human Rights’ probe into the alleged extrajudicial killings being linked to the administration’s war on drugs.

During his interpellation, Cayetano called out Trillanes for trying to portray Matobato as a credible witness in the ongoing inquiry.

“Senator Trillanes chose it upon himself to make assumptions that Matobato is a credible witness… Either we have a mass murderer as a president or we have mass liars as his critics. Hayaan natin ang publiko ang makinig,” Cayetano said, responding to Trillanes' description of the country's President as a "mass murderer."

Cayetano countered claims made by Trillanes regarding Matobato’s statements, which he said are full of contradictions.

“I bring up the concept of half-truths because that is what criminals use. This is what people… who destroy the credibility of others use. I say this because the presentation of Senator Trillanes is full of half-truths,” Cayetano said.

Monday, September 26, 2016

LMP-Pangasinan officers take oath

LINGAYEN – Newly-elected officers of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines-Pangasinan chapter took their oath on Friday promising  better leadership and service for Pangasineneses.
Mayor Ramon Guico III, chapter president of LMP said that in Pangasinan, mayors care for each other because they see the bigger picture of the advocacies for local governance, shunning away self- gratification.
“The key to the progress of our country lies in the local government. If  all  mayors do their part with the support of the national government,  we can really do something for our municipalities,” Guico said during the Induction Ceremony.
Guico said one of the first projects of the league is the construction of a building for the chapter within the capitol compound. He sought help from the provincial government to donate a lot for the purpose.
The chapter president  said the building will be a decent place where the league can hold its events and trainings and install small offices that will align with the vision of the province, to show that they are united  for the betterment of  Pangasinan.

Gov. Amado Espino III, the event’s guest speaker and inducting officer, readily agreed to donate a lot for the league provided that the building to be established will also house the Vice-Mayors League, the Councillor’s League and the Lliga ng mga Barangay-Pangasinan chapters.

More hospitals for war veterans to rise in the country

LINGAYEN – As the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) continues to expand its services for war veterans, expect more hospitals to rise in the country specifically for this sector.
Dr. Pilar Ibarra, medical officer of  PVAO said a bill is now filed in Congress seeking for the construction of  veterans’ hospitals outside the National Capital Region.
“Our budget has increased from P10 million to P50-million for the whole year and we hope to extend the services not just to Manila-based veterans  but also to veterans in the provinces,
with new programs and new hospitals in other parts of the  country like Visayas and  Mindanao,” Ibarra said during the outreach program held in Pangasinan on Thursday.
The Veterans  Memorial Medical Center, the lone hospital which caters to the needs of  veterans, is situated in the NCR.
Ibarra said PVAO also  expanded the coverage of the Veterans Hospitalization and Medical Care Program (VHMCP) by  providing subsidy for hospitalization of veterans like giving P1,500 per day of confinement, per patient per year for 45 days of confinement.

Political Cartoon 23


DAGUPAN CITY – Families from all walks of life joined the 24th National Family Week Celebration's fun walk from the city plaza to the CSI Stadia on September 24 on the theme: “Matatag na Pamilya, Maunlad na Bukas”.
Proclamation No. 60 declares the last week of September of every year as Family Week, while Proclamation No. 326 declares the fourth Monday of September of every year as “Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day”.
In a fun-filled program facilitated by the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) headed by Leah L. Aquino, participating families along with their children joined in parlor games prepared by the participating organizations. The activities included free haircut, free nail art, free massage and free make-up done by students of B.E.L.E.N. Livelihood and Training Program.
“We are truly grateful to the Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach, Latter-Day Saints, Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan and the Rotary Club of Dagupan for their support especially in helping our city organize an activity like this for the families of Dagupan,” said Mayor Belen T. Fernandez who also walked along with the employees of the city government and with personnel of the Philippine National Police led by P/Superintendent Neil O. Miro.
The other guests during the program were Miro; Boc Bonifacio, president, Rotary Club of Dagupan; Perla Tanedo, president, Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan; Greg A. Karganilla, Stake President, Dagupan Philippine Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; and Reverend Pastor Joel Bravo of the Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Sept. 24, 2016)